When any part of a person - body, heart, mind, spirit - is out of balance, healing is needed. When I refer to the word "Medicine" in relation to the services I offer, it is the power that has to do with anything that makes us to feel whole. Thus, my approach to healing, is based upon a process towards one's wholeness, one's unity, to re-connect, to re-member the whole self.... the self as whole. The ''Medicine'' I offer in the context of healing body, heart, mind, spirit, embraces an all encompassing way of life which, when incorporated into ones life, can lead to personal power, understanding and compassion and awakens the wisdom of one's role in the Great Mystery, seeking wholeness with all that is.

  • You can awaken yourself to the truth and beauty of who you are
  • You can let go of destructive patterns and re-define yourself, based upon your emerging truth
  • You can learn how to heal your separations, re-claim and embrace your wholeness
  • You can learn to commit to your own healing and thus become responsible in your process
  • You can learn to develop and balance your intuitive capacities with your logical abilities
  • You can stop abusing power ~ stop being abused by power
  • You can work towards and learn to maintain balance in your lifestyle
  • You can learn to trust yourself
  • You can become your own best friend
  • You can change your ways to live in support of yourself and your life!

Recognise the choices you have made in your life have had consequences which have come from those choices.

Make a choice to get the help you need which will assist you to help heal your ways.

Become committed to turning things around for the better by becoming more conscious.

Learn how to change your dysfunctional habitual patterns into ways which serve you and this world.

Whenever there is imbalance in a person's life, there is a need for healing. My approach to healing is process work which incorporates tried and tested methods, which when embraced and applied by the person into their life, yields profound awakenings and deep and lasting integrated healing for those individuals committed and willing to begin their own healing process to turn their life around for the better.

I offer a variety of healing options :

Intuitive Counselling ~ Coaching

PSYCH-K facilitation

Crystal Surgery ~ Energy Re-balancing

'Combo' Treatments

Shamanic Healing Intensive
Sacred Shamanic Journey work
Soul Retrieval

Healing can not be forced, it needs to be allowed. Healing has to be chosen by you, the client. It is not my role, or any practitioner's role, to heal another. It is always the choice of the client, if they want to heal or not their issues and imbalances in their life and it is the client's commitment to their own healing process, with which I work. As a health practitioner, my job is to facilitate your choice of healing your issues and to assist you to embrace your healing process. I offer the structure of sound, reliable guidance and tangible support for the client to begin to heal their ways and their life. It is important to realize, that healing is a process which takes the time it takes for the person to feel whole again. When a client is committed to their healing process, I am equally committed to facilitating that process. When this attitude of respectful commitment to the healing process is allowed and embraced by the client, then the miraculous, healing power, the ''Medicine'' - the Divine - awakens. And miracles can begin to happen.


So how does one begin their healing and awakening process?

A client interested in seeking my assistance with their healing and awakening process, needs to contact me / email me to set up an initial appointment.

I begin with an Initial Consult Appointment which is an hour and a half process.

This is an important appointment as this is the time the client shares his / her story with specific reference to their physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual history and to discuss their current specific issues they face in their life and what they would like to manifest into their reality. This session forms the basis of a mutually respectful relationship essential between the client and myself which is can grow in trust and in honesty going forward.


Initial Consult Appointment (a once off appointment)
Investment : Per Individual : 1 and 1/2 Hours Fee : R500


What happens after the initial consult appointment?

After the initial session, I design a specific, unique tailored process, as a recommendation for each client according to their specific health / issues / awakening requirements, their budget, their available time and the overall appropriateness of treatment.

Each process is determined primarily each time, by the client in relation to what they face combined with what skills and expertise are required from me, to help empower, facilitate, and help transform with the person, regarding whatever situation they are dealing with.

For some clients, there may be a requirement to do only one type of treatment each week. For others it may be required to combine various options that I offer, to help accelerate the healing transformation / awakening process for the client. Along with each person being treated as the  individual they are, so too are my treatment sessions with each individual, created uniquely and are structured in accordance in my effort to best meet the needs of each client, each time.

What I offer any and all clients, is done in agreement with each person beforehand each time and is done to enhance and best facilitate the client's overall healing process.

All appointments are booked and respect must be paid to the 24 hour cancellation clause regarding all booked appointments. Any cancellation of set appointments made less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged the full fee accordingly.



What options can be made when considering the best process forward?

Processes are tailored for each client who comes for treatments with me and vary from client to client. Some clients benefit from having one specific treatment, once a week, each month; others benefit from 'combo treatments' in each month which combine some of the various healing modalities which I offer. Many clients benefit with a combination of a certain treatment which best suites their process and combine this with specific Spiritual training courses, Spiritual / Shamanic intensive processes which I offer, which can greatly accelerate the clients awareness and powerfully help the client to release and transform stubborn, resistant subconscious issues and blocks. Some clients choose to incorporate private, inspiring shamanic rituals and sacred ceremonies, specific gentle, calming guided - meditations and or potent shamanic journey work all of which I tailor specifically around the person's specific issues to help facilitate shifting imbalances, healing certain separation issues, and releasing a general sense of 'stuckness' together with helping to design effective manifestation techniques, methods and skills in order to help transform and integrate more powerful, effective, balanced methods and ways of being. In addition to their healing programmes, some clients choose to also attend monthly support groups and group workshops which I run, and / or to join monthly group gatherings which I hold which appeal to their specific requirements. The processes I create and offer each client, are dynamic and various and each one is tailored to suit each client, each time.

The processes are created and structured specifically on an agreed time line period. A time line relates to however long the entire process will take for the desired transformational outcome to be derived, which can translate in relation to time - to be various consecutive weeks, months, and or years depending. Once the time line has been met, the process is re-evaluated by myself and the client him / her self : the process is either completed, or re assessed. The time line period, varies according to each client in relation to what period of time is needed for each client to be able to make the changes they seek in their life, each time. If anything needs to change on either side, the client's side or my side during the agreed time line, this needs to be communicated to be fair to both parties.


How does the payment process work?

As a Spiritual healer my work is based in prayer. This means that every client who does process work with me, their process is held in prayers during and in between each and all sessions. For this reason, all my clients pay me upfront for their monthly treatments at the beginning of each month for the full duration of their specific agreed time line period. On the basis of reciprocity and the spirit of good will, I have created a financial saving in most cases relating to specific treatments, for upfront monthly payments. Please see below the outline of these packages.


The Various Options I Offer:


  • The Counselling ~ Coaching consultations (face to face and telephonic / Skype) are based upon process work, thus are structured and agreed by both parties regarding a minimum of once a week sessions, where the client attends the session in person or via telephone appointments, to process issues and the time between the sessions affords the client the opportunities to apply what has been addressed in session.
  • The process is structured and agreed by both parties regarding how many months the weekly process will continue until the situation is re assessed.
  • In times however of crisis or for a specific intensive process, some clients may require daily / several sessions on a weekly basis which facilitate that client through a specific stage in their life.

Face to Face

Face to Face Counselling ~ Coaching Process :
Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Investment : Per Individual : 1 and 1/2 Hours : R 600
Investment : Per Child : 1 Hour : R 350
Investment : Per Couple : 1 and 1/2 Hours : R 700

Value Package offering a saving based on upfront payments

  • Investment : R 2000 for four sessions per individual
  • Investment : R 1250 for four sessions per child
  • Investment : R 2400 for four sessions per couple

Four sessions is the minimum number of treatments required each month for process work, based on sessions of one and half hours, per week, each month. In certain situations regarding specific clients' needs, there may be a requirement to establish more sessions per week, each month, to best support a client.

Face to Face Counselling ~ Coaching consultations are held in my therapy rooms in Noordhoek Valley, Cape Town.

Face to Face Counselling ~ Coaching is structured on process work. This means the client commits to a minimum of four sessions payment upfront each month being structured on a once a week basis. 

The time line period relates to how many months the Face to Face Counselling ~ Coaching process, will take which is agreed by both parties, which requires upfront payment each month until the completion of the agreed time line period. Once the time line period is complete the process is either complete or it is re assessed.

The Counselling ~ Coaching approach I offer, is respectful, sensitive, direct, and engaging. I offer a fresh, dynamic, unique approach in my methods to this process work, which combines a clinical counselling approach which blends a transformational, dynamic coaching solutions-based focus, imbued with effective and powerful practical advice and backed by intuitive / psychic insight. I guide each client, to come to find their own solutions regarding the specific issues the client personally chooses to heal and master.

Through my unique approach of Counselling ~ Coaching, plus the power and efficacy of a specific tailored programme for each client, the process work I provide, offers good, tangible results. This is due to the specific skills, techniques, guidance, support and structure given by myself together with the application and effort made by each client. The innate willingness from a client, to find ways to heal him / her self, is an essential aspect to any healing process. Primarily the role of any practitioner / healer / therapist is to facilitate the client's healing process, not to drive it, nor force it. Effort from both sides, not just from the practitioner / healer / therapist side, is therefore required which will enable a powerful collaborative effort to guide the process forward where the client can choose to heal and change destructive ways into more harmonious ways in his / her life, for the better.

  • If appropriate, specific rituals and healing ceremonies as well as personal, specific guided meditations and various other modalities can also be incorporated and conducted with the client at an appropriate time in the process work I provide. This may be recommended in addition as part of an integration process or can be recommended from the beginning of the entire process; however this is not always the case. My entire approach to helping clients re claim their wholeness, is structured around the specific needs of each client. If it is appropriate, I design specific combinations of treatments which are tailored to best suit and enhance the client's healing process. Only if appropriate, these processes along with the associated fees, will be discussed at that time and conducted after there is mutual agreement accordingly.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Face to Face Counselling / Coaching appointments.

Telephonic / Skype

Telephonic / Skype Counselling ~ Coaching Process:
Local and International sessions

Investment : Per Individual : 1 Hour : Local South African rate : R 650
Investment : Per Child : 1 Hour : Local South African rate : R 400
Investment : Per Couple :1 Hour : Local South African rate : R 750

Value Package offering a saving based on upfront payments

  • Investment : R 2200 for four sessions per individual
  • Investment : R 1400 for four sessions per child
  • Investment : R 2600 for four sessions per couple

Four sessions is the minimum number of treatments required each month for process work, based on sessions of one and half hours, per week, each month. In certain situations regarding specific clients' needs, there may be a requirement to establish more sessions per week, each month, to best support a client.

Telephonic / Skype Counselling ~ Coaching consultations are available for local and international clients who are unable to see me personally. These consultations are an hour long.

Telephonic / Skype Counselling ~ Coaching consultations are structured on process work. This means the client commits to a minimum of four sessions payment upfront each month being structured on a once a week basis.

The time line period relates to how many months the Telephonic / Skype Counselling ~ Coaching process, will take which is agreed by both parties, which requires upfront payment each month until the completion of the agreed time line period. Once the time line period is complete the process is either complete or it is re assessed.

Tele Counselling ~ Coaching consultations are made available to assist local and international clients who are unable to see me personally. This service is conducted telephonically. Tele Counselling ~ Coaching works via Skype or via land line. If you select the land line to landline option, the connection call is paid in full, by yourself. Skype is a free service available to all users, however sometimes limited network coverage can sometimes hamper effective talking periods. This often results in clients selecting the landline option for this service. Telephone Counselling ~ Coaching consultations requires of the client to email me to set up a suitable time / date for the process to begin. The process I offer, begins with an Initial Consultation Appointment session to assess the needs and situation of the client. This is a once off fee. After this session, the Tele Counselling ~ Coaching weekly appointments are set up, which may be straight forward Tele Counselling ~ Coaching however may incorporate other modalities if appropriate for the client.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Tele Counselling / Coaching appointments.



PSYCH-K Facilitation

Investment : R 1 500. This fee is paid upfront and involves three separate consecutive appointments, each session being approximately 1 hour up to 1 and 1/2 hours in duration.

''The secret to life is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our life. PSYCH-K is a set of simple, self empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions, that impact your life at a cellular level.'' Dr Bruce H. Lipton PhD.

I have been trained and certified by PSYCH-K instructor Karen Mcky from USA and am qualified as a PSYCH-K practitioner to offer PSYCH-K facilitation sessions.

PSYCH-K is the result of a 'series of intuitive leaps of consciousness' generated by years of research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups. It is a simple and direct way to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, where nearly all human behaviour - constructive and destructive, originates. Its overall purpose is to accelerate individual and global evolution by aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom from the world's great spiritual and intellectual traditions. PSYCH-K is beyond affirmations, will power and positive thinking.

Your reality is created by your 'beliefs.' These beliefs, usually subconscious, are often the result of lifelong 'programming' and represent a powerful influence on human behaviour. Studies in neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our consciousness is actually subconscious. It is the subconscious mind that is the storehouse for our attitudes, values and beliefs. It is from our beliefs that we form perceptions about the world and ourselves and from these perceptions we develop behaviours. PSYCH-K provides a variety of ways to quickly identify and transform beliefs that 'limit' you into beliefs that 'support' you in any area of your life.

Most of us agree and behavioural scientists confirm, that our behaviours are a direct reflection of our beliefs, perceptions and values, generated from past experiences. In other words, our beliefs establish the limits of what we can achieve. Self limiting subconscious beliefs are a reflection of reality and subconscious beliefs actually help create that reality. The good news is you can change those self limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones that help create a new, more desirable reality.

The difficulty seems to be in knowing how to change those old limiting beliefs and values into new self-enhancing ones.

Re-scripting limiting subconscious beliefs is similar to reprogramming a personal computer. Using PSYCH-K processes, you can increase cross-talk between the two cortical hemispheres, thereby achieving a more 'whole-brain' state, which is ideal for changing subconscious beliefs. In addition, when right and left hemispheres are in simultaneous communication the characteristics of both hemispheres are available to maximise your full response potential.

PSYCH-K helps you quickly and easily communicate directly with your subconscious mind, and while using methods of whole brain integration, change old self limiting beliefs into new self -enhancing ones that support you, in just minutes!

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange for PSYCH-K sessions.




In person sessions and Distance Healing sessions

Investment : Per Individual in Person: 1 and 1/2 Hours : R 750

Investment : Per Individual for Distance Healing : 1 and 1/2 Hours : R 800

Value Package offering a saving based on upfront payments

  • Investment : R 2600 for four sessions in person for 1 and 1/2 hours
  • Investment : R 3000 for four sessions for distance healing for 1 and 1/2 hours

Energy medicine is being regarded as 'the medicine of the future.' NASA, is one of the most sophisticated and advanced science projects we have on Earth to date. At the heart of NASA technology, is the use of crystals along with crystals being used in basic watches which people have worn and continue to wear every day for years. Crystals are powerful tools which have specific properties already well known and established in science and industry across our planet. Crystal Surgery was birthed into reality by an ex NASA physicist who asked the good question ''what could be achieved, if crystals already used in science projects, could be used in the healing arts?'' This question led this physicist Melody, to develop Crystal Surgery as a powerful healing modality which continues to yield impressive results to date.

I have been mentored by Vivien Schapera from USA, who was trained directly by Melody and I am qualified and certified as a Crystal Surgery practitioner to provide Crystal Surgery treatment which offers a complementary energy healing approach to traditional medicine. According to Energy Medicine, the body's health depends on information fields on the energetic or quantum field level (in the energy body and in the energy field around the body). These information fields are active, creative forces directly and intimately involved in the manifestation of a person's state of health. With Crystal Surgery, we examine the body's health through the viewpoint of the energy systems, in order to assess the information and work towards adjusting and re - balancing these fields to produce harmony and good health. Poor health and dis - ease can be defined as a disorder, distortion, as an imbalance in the informational energy systems. Healing work is accomplished by working on these disturbances in an effort to eliminate the disharmony and restore natural health. In Crystal Surgery I have been trained to work with specific knowledge which combines with the many years of experience whereby I am able to connect to being Divinely / intuitively guided to work for the highest good for all concerned, with specific Crystals in a very specific intuitive manner, with specific clinical techniques, which is continuing to offer impressive tangible results, which facilitate the client's body to balance, harmonise and heal itself naturally.

Crystal Surgery treatments offer a unique soothing and deeply transformative energy balancing and healing experience with lasting energetic adjustments, requiring of me to skilfully, sensitively, intuitively and methodically work in a very specific manner with tried and tested techniques and specific Crystals which are my tools in this healing modality. The Creator Source, Divinity oversees the whole Crystal Surgery process as with everything I do. In some cases, some Crystal Surgery treatments may include work with gentle,soothing sound, or silence, quantum touch and or Crystal Essences and aroma therapies specifically prepared,combined in a treatment in accordance with the needs of each client, in terms of how I am guided for the highest good of all concerned, each time.

  • Clients book Crystal Surgery sessions to help access states of calmness, to help soothing, uplifting, energising, empowering experiences, and to achieve overall rebalancing benefits.
  • Clients select Crystal Surgery treatments for general prevention of health problems, where the treatment focuses on redirecting any disturbances detected in the energetic field before the disturbances manifest in the physical.
  • Clients choose Crystal Surgery as a treatment to facilitate the alleviation of existing ailments, which are now present in the client's being.
  • Crystal Surgery has proved highly beneficial for clients before and after medical surgery procedures whereby sessions assist the clients' energy fields to reach more optimum balance in preparation for, and in recover from, (pre and post) surgical procedures.
  • Crystal Surgery is a treatment which works on any part of the client - physical, emotional and mental in terms of working towards balancing compromised health conditions and issues and is highly effective for most conditions. Additionally, this treatment is a preferred choice for certain Spiritual matters such as to help a client release any negative attachments; to help protect the client against energy interference experiences, psychic attacks, invasive experiences from Dream states to states of conscious awareness; this work can involve processes done to balance imbalances from past lives, parallel lives, including future lives, and when approprite this field of work can make direct connection and communicate with inter - dimensional realms of Light which may need to be accessed depending.
  • Crystal Surgery can be done in person and also offered over distance. Times are agreed to between myself and the client concerned in which energy correlation occur. The results are real.

Crystal Surgery is a profound healing treatment which offers a gentle and effortless process for each client, whereby their energy systems are adjusted and re-balanced over time to best harmonise and assist the client towards embracing their wholeness. With more regular treatments, results tend to be more effective. As with every treatment available, a client's specific health conditions and the severity of their health conditions, must be factored into in relation to what can be realistically achieved and this may require treatment sessions to be made closer together and more frequently done, in order to achieve better results.

With each energy re-balancing and adjustment treatment, the client's existing energy systems through the process of entrainment, begin to be re directed and raised with each treatment, in order to help make connection with the higher vibrations necessary to access more optimum health levels each time. Clients often report a connection to states of deep inner peace, more relief and harmony being experienced with each treatment. In addition, due to the access of more peaceful states, Crystal Surgery helps the client to cope more effectively, to make the necessary life style changes required so that healing becomes sustainable in their life. Through more regular Crystal Surgery treatments, clients begin to experience more connection with what wholeness as a vibration, feels like, which helps to assists the client to cope far better in their day to day life and with their overall personal healing journeys. It is a treatment which can be applied to general and very specific imbalances relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human condition! 

An Initial Consult Appointment needs to be established as a starting point if I have not worked on the client previously. During this appointment, the details of the client need to be discussed with specific focus on what the client requires done in the treatment. If x - rays are available, all details of current health dis - orders, current situation, need to be shared openly with me prior to my working on the client. Clients are requested to share with me specific information relating to their health condition before the Crystal Surgery appointment, so that I have specific knowledge of existing conditions beforehand and I can prepare accordingly. I regard Crystal Surgery as a complimentary process, whereby I become a member of the client's health care team of people dedicated to assist the client.

Once we have a clear understanding regarding the treatment, realistic expectations are addressed by myself to the client in terms of what he / she can expect from this modality and how the process works will be covered so the client understands the process and procedure. An appointment is then booked.

Certain treatments, depending on the actual condition needed to be treated, do require longer treatment sessions. The fee for such treatments will be discussed and fees thus will be adjusted in accordance with the extra time required.

At various times I may be guided to include QUANTUM TOUCH HEALING into Crystal Surgery

Quantum Touch is a vibrational touch therapy as a method of hands-on healing which uses the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment, combined with specific breathing techniques and simple body awareness exercises to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy.No physical manipulation is done in this healing modality, as only a light, gentle touch is used.Quantum Touch has been tested in clinical settings and is beginning to be used in hospitals and operating rooms, having received many endorsements from medical doctors and nurses, to chiropractors, to massage therapists and various other fields.Quantum Touch is a safe, natural way to enhance and assist the body's innate ability to heal itself. Quantum Touch provides a powerful field of natural healing energy which your body entrains to, and can draw upon, to accelerate its healing.Your body has the energy to heal itself.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your in person Crystal Surgery ~ Energy Re-balance treatments.





Investment : Per Individual in person : 3 hours : R 1200

Value Package offering a saving based on upfront payments

  • Investment : R 4600 for four sessions in person for 3 hours
  • Investment : R 2200 for two sessions in person for 3 hours

Many clients opt for this combination of services as this treatment option offers Counselling~Coaching followed immediately with a refreshing Energy Re-balancing process.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Counselling~Coaching combined with Crystal Surgery Re-balance appointments.





Investment : Per Individual in person : 3 1/2 hours : R 1200

Value Package offering a saving based on upfront payments

  • Investment : R 4600 for four sessions in person each for 3 and 1/2 hours
  • Investment : R 3400 for three sessions in person each for 3 and 1/2 hours
  • Investment : R 2200 for two sessions in person each for 3 and 1/2 hours

This combination is being received well by many clients who select this option. Initially we commence with the process to identify and isolate the negative subconscious belief statement,as done in all PSYCH-K sessions. The treatment then offers an energy release through Crystal Surgery, helping to release the negative effects of the non - supportive belief statement. The process is then completed with the PSYCH-K balance session which locks into the subconscious mind, the newly identified positive, supportive belief statement.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your PSYCH-K Sessions combined with Crystal Surgery Re-balance appointments.




Investment : Per Individual in Person: 1 and 1/2 Hours : R 750

These are sessions which offer the clearing and re-balancing benefits on the energy systems of the client from a Crystal Surgery session and offer the combination and the incorporation of soothing, natural healing sounds of calm rattle, drum, rain stick, soft chants and gentle toning sounds which are unique and specifically tailored for each client and created to assist and help facilitate the client's own personal inner work. My role in this treatment, is to create and hold that sacred space for the client. Some clients will have a specific issue with which they want to work and welcome the safe, sacred space of calmness and no talking provided in these sessions in which they can do their personal inner work, while others select this specific treatment because they want to 'switch off ' and relax with the soothing sounds. Specific breath work can at times be incorporated to help guide a client to relax. These sessions offer a process which can be deeply insightful, de-stressing, relaxing and gentle. Clarity on specific issues, is often born within these sacred journeys or experienced shortly after these sessions, as is a sense of revitalisation and renewal often reported.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Combo Crystal Surgery with Sacred Sound Journeys appointment.




This intensive session requires a commitment of a minimum of a 12 hours process done in one session. A person brings with them meals and soft drinks / cool / warm clothing / blankets with them for this experience is held in doors and outside / day and night included.

Investment : R 5000

This is a profound process structured on a one on one intensive basis with a client who seeks to face, embrace and transcend destructive, self limiting / self diminishing / self threatening issues in relation to their personal behaviour and or their current reality. Incredible, rapid results. Life changes are real. The process is ceremony based, utilising the Medicine Wheel journey, awakening within you the innate Archetypal Powers, invoking respectfully the assistance from the Four Directions, the Above, and Below Spirit worlds, and the Within world ... that innate space intimately and directly connected with the Divine Creator Source, which bears witness and assists the healing endeavours, for the highest good of the client and all concerned. The length of time is dependent on the client's willingness to let go of issues which no longer serve, and to embrace new more supportive ways of being.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Shamanic Healing Intensive appointment.




I provide three separate Sacred Inner Journey options:

Animal Totems
Spirit Guides
Inner Direction Allies

All of the journeys provided here are structured on a process basis. Each process is offered on a one on one basis and or with a small group of people, depending.



Animal Totems

Process of 5 sessions with each session lasting approximately 2 Hours each time.

Investment : Per Individual : 2 Hours x 5 sessions : R 3000 paid upfront

These journeys provide sacred healing journeys, in which you are safely guided to meet your Totem Animals, is to begin a process for the many people today, who have not understood their connection to Mother Earth and all her creatures. In time, when you come to meet your Animal relatives, those which represent the "medicine" each of us carries in our Earth Walk, you begin to deeply awaken your self to the understanding of what it means to walk in balance on our Earth Mother. These journeys offer a healing process, are to be respected and approached with humility and intuitiveness. Our brother and sister relatives teach to anyone astute enough to observe, lessons on how to live. As we begin to understand our role in the Great Mystery....we can begin to learn the necessity to honour every living thing of which we are merely a part. All things have purpose. Knowledge is inherent in all things. The entire healing process is gentle, inspiring and incredibly humbling.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Sacred Animal Totems appointments.

Spirit Guides

Process of 5 sessions with each session lasting approximately 2 Hours each time.

Investment : Per Individual : 2 Hours x 5 sessions : R 3000 paid upfront

These journeys provide sacred healing processes, gently and safely awakening people to meet with their Spirit friends and helpers available to each one of us, who can help us to heal and balance our selves. Meet your Power Animal as you learn to safely and gently journey into the Lower World and meet your Spirit Guides as you learn to effortlessly and gracefully journey into the Upper World.These journeys help to dissolve feelings of disconnection, powerlessness and isolation and help people to sacredly awaken their awareness to the support and guidance available to each of us. The entire healing process is gentle, nurturing and greatly empowering.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Spirit Guides appointments.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Sacred Soul Retrieval appointments.

Inner Direction Allies

Process of 5 sessions with each session lasting up to approximately 2 Hours each time.

Investment : Per Individual : 2 Hours x 5 sessions : R 3000 paid upfront

These journeys offer a healing process to meet with your Spirit helpers and adversaries in each Direction which present your specific challenges found within yourself. This healing process holds the potential for you to discover your own inner strengths, innate qualities and authenticity, the special gifts about the actual truth of who you are and how you need to begin living your life from this truth within yourself, from here onwards. The entire healing process is gentle, insightful and truly transformational.

Please email me shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to arrange your Sacred Inner Direction Allies appointments.




Investment : Per Individual: R 2000. This fee is paid upfront and involves three separate consecutive appointments which is how I have chosen to offer this treatment for clients.

An initial one hour session is set up on Day 1 of this process. This session is dedicated to obtain and share information prior the Soul Retrieval process. Here is where the intention is qualified by the client as to what specifically he / she seeks to access from the Soul Retrieval process. The actual process in terms of how I work, how the process functions and what can be realistically expected, are also discussed at this session.

Day 2 is the following day and it is when the Soul Retrieval is conducted. The process is a two hour process. The client must be able to rest after this treatment.

Day 3 offers a counselling appointment which helps the client address and revisit what was revealed in the Soul Retrieval process the previous day. This counselling appointment assists with interpretation, decoding the messages for greater understanding and overall integration. Depending on the client more counselling appointments can be set up afterwards to help process the information further, if need be. This session is an hour and half.

Soul Retrieval is therapeutic but is not therapy. Yet it can g