Sacred Meditation Retreat workshop

A sacred healing meditation retreat, held in a beautiful and inspiring country setting, offering tranquility in a Nature space for deep inner work and contemplation.

The Sacred Meditation Retreat offers a comprehensive approach in healing yourself to wholeness.

This retreat also includes:

exquisite meditations, gently guiding you gracefully into inner silence and peace
quiet times for reflection
gentle private Nature walks in safe, secluded natural spaces
private journal work
delicious home cooked meals and beverages prepared by the in-house chef

Embrace this opportunity to further your personal healing and allow yourself to let go of any imbalances through the structured and professional approach offered by meditation trainer and facilitator, Shelley Ruth Wyndham.

For this retreat, a minimum of 10 attending participants is required.Please contact Shelley to enquire when she can offer this retreat and dates,times and venue will then be arranged to suit all concerned, accordingly.

For more information please contact