Lifting the Veils

Do you seek to awaken yourself and discover your unlimited potential?

Are you interested in experiencing the interconnectedness of all life?

Shift your consciousness from self imposed limitations and begin to tap into your miraculous human potential. Awaken your perspectives.

Healing our selves invites us to consider our perceptions, to at least consider the possibility that our point of view may be limiting ourselves. ''When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at, change.'' Dr Wayne Dyer.

This weekend workshop is structured from Friday late afternoon, until Sunday late afternoon. In this time, you will embark upon a journey which introduces you to the viewing of a variety of specific DVD's around which the weekend workshop is structured. The material covered, offers various global viewpoints on topics relevant to the theme of the weekend focus and regularly updated with new material each time the workshop is held. Each workshop offers informal, relaxed group discussions, morning and evening meditations, as well as private time for relaxation and contemplation.

For this workshop, Shelley requires a minimum of 4 participants to attend. Please contact Shelley to enquire when she can offer this workshop and dates,times and venues will then be arranged to suit all concerned, accordingly.For more information and to book your space please email