Sacred Awakening Journeys

Three one day unique and separate workshops to assist in activating connection with meeting your Sacred Animal Totems; Spirit Guides; Allies and Friends. Each healing journey is structured upon ancient shamanic methods yet modernized in its contemporary approach. This safe and easy healing practice offers tried and tested methods which yield profound results.

Each workshop provides a sacred process to awaken you to greater clarity and deeper understanding of yourself, assisting you in broadening your perceptions and thus your personal connection to All That Is.

Each journey offers you the opportunity to walk in balance and harmony, enabling you to birth awareness into your reality from deep within you, in respect and reverence of our loving Creator, who breathed all life into being, including you! All things have purpose.

The three workshops are :


This workshop offers sacred healing journeys , where individuals are safely guided to meet your own personal Animal Totems. This begins a process for the many people today, who have not understood their personal connection to Mother Earth and all her creatures. In meeting your Animal relatives, those which represent the 'medicine' you carry in your Earth walk, you can begin to awaken your self to understanding what it means to walk in balance on the Earth Mother. Our brothers and sister relatives, teach to any one astute enough to observe, lessons on how to live. As you awaken your self to understanding your role in the Great Mystery, you can begin to learn the necessity to honour every living thing with which we all share this Earth.This workshop is gentle, inspiring and incredibly humbling.


This workshop provides journeys of healing, which beautifully guide you to awaken to meeting with your Power Animal by gently and safely journeying into the Lower World and to meeting your Spirit Guides by easily and gracefully journeying into the Upper World.Making connection with these real Powers who are your helpers and friends, help you to heal such feelings as disconnection, isolation and powerlessness.Awakening your self to the real guidance available to you through these healing journeys, helps break illusions that ' we are alone.' This workshop is gentle and nurturing and greatly empowering.


This workshop offers a powerful healing process which enables you to meet with your Direction Allies and your adversaries which present to you, your specific challenges you need to face within your self.This healing journey offers you the potential to discover your inner strengths, your innate qualities and authenticity, your special gifts of who you are and how you need to start living your life with self empowerment, balance, well-being and inner peace.This workshop is gentle, insightful and truly transformational.

No prior experience is necessary. Certain terms do apply.

These three one day workshops are held separately.Depending on your requirements, select which ever workshop appeals to you, however, it is highly recommended that you attend all of these workshops to obtain the full benefit for yourself.

These workshops can be held as one on one processes and also in groups.For groups, Shelley requires a minimum of 6 participants to attend.Please contact Shelley to enquire when she can offer any of these workshops and dates,times and venues will then be arranged to suit all concerned, accordingly.For more information please contact