Welcome to July / August 2012 Spirit Voice Newsletter message!

''Stay together friends. Dont scatter and sleep. Our friendship is made of being awake.'' Rumi

Love and appreciate, support and respect yourself at every moment of your life especially now in these times of great change. Know your worth. Become your own best friend. YOU are a priceless gift to yourself and to this world. The consequence of embracing ones healing, ones wholeness....is discovering that it IS possible. It is possible that you can be whole, it is possible that you can balance your imbalances, it is possible to find connection with that inner peace, Source energy, which flows to you and through you ceaslessly and is at the deepest core of your totality. Each one is being asked to personally walk this growing awareness every moment of every day now. This can not be a theory only; this has to be lived, embraced, you have to claim this for yourself in your own way. Healing is a life journey of awakening! The more we awaken, the more we learn to live authentically, without seeking to gain another person's approval, rather to stand in your own integrity, in your own truth, in honour and respect for the self, all Creation and the Divine Creator Source Of All That Is. What we do matters. As we gently yet firmly remind ourselves to support our authentic truth and learn to embrace the principle of wholeness and to action more balanced and healing ways into our behaviours, into the ways we relate to our selves, each other and all aspects and other life forms of Creation, the more we discover that it IS possible to change our ways.

ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF! Live your truth from your heart by learning to acknowledge that which resonates with you. Choose to align yourself with the most appropriate actions, thoughts and emotions which are in vibrational support of your emerging truths, out of respect for the being you are becoming, out of respect for who and how you are choosing to be, beyond any disfunctional habbits and patterns, your innate truth lies within you waiting to be claimed! Learn to be with respect for the people in your life, for the paths they walk which are their choosing require from you neither your approval nor judgement; their journey is theirs as yours is yours. The more you respect yourself, the more you respect other people's choices, the more you let go of your need to try to control an outcome, the more you welcome home your own freedom. Love yourself enough to be with those who love and respect you as the authentic being you are. Treat others like you would love to be treated yourself. At all times, regardless even, and especially of non supportive outcomes, actions and words from others, and including your own thoughts which may stray off onto temporarily negative pathways, always completely, wholeheartedly, unashamedly love your self - not on any egoic level, rather within the deepest aspects of your entirety, within the ceaselessly unfolding mystery of who and what we are, beyond measure, beyond any concept of egoic comparisons, contests or competative urges, at the core of every being WE ARE LOVE which is the greatest power in the Universe. It is time to awaken to this within our self and to recognise this is an unfolding truth for all life here.These times reflect the essential and necessary changes our world is currently traversing, for the birth of the new Spiritually heightened ways to begin to emerge and take form into our reality. In this time now, our role is to be the truth of our self and embrace the stillness and calmness of our centre...even and especially in the face of what may seem chaos...be the calm! We are the seeds of magnificent, full potentiality and our presence here gives birth to the Light which is destined to be!

And It Is So!

From my heart to yours
Shelley Ruth Wyndham
Cape Town
South Africa


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