Welcome to September / October 2012 Spirit Voice Newsletter message!

''I have been a seeker and I still am, but I have stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my heart.'' Rumi

All life simply thrives with Love.....THRIVES! And All life regardless of who 'we' are, human, animal, plant, all levels of existence, all life slowly diminishes and fades somewhat, in the absence of Love, always. In the deepest parts of our being, we each 'know' this to be a truth and yet, through the years of gradual yet persistent 'forgetting' who we intrinsically are and why indeed we are here, within our so called growth and advancements of becoming more 'civilsed' in our existence here, we have forgotten this cornerstone to our existence, the cornerstone for all existence. Love is the healing balm of the Universe. In these miraculous times of 2012, the incredible prophesised times known as the Great Awakening, whether we as individuals consciously embrace the birth of our new humanity which is awakening within all of us right now or constantly choose to continue to deny, disregard and even fight the emerging fields or Spiritual awakening which is happening everywhere we look, our absence of Love has run its full length of time and it is Love which is awakening and it is Love which is healing and unifying and birthing from within us all , a new way forward which blends all the ways we have advanced in our growth here with all that we temporarily forgot, as ONE.

These powerful, Universal transformational times of great change, are gifting the needed awakenings within all life here. These times offer to us all the turning point, the catalysing thrust, which is essential for the shift in consciousness to occur. This shift has triggered from deep within all levels of our being, from deep within all fields of awareness, to reveal to us all the existence within, of the still, centred, power, of our Spiritual Essence which lies within us all awaiting our conscious connection. The dawning of this Light within us regarding our recognition of this Divine, mysterious presence within ourselves, and our recognition of this existing within all forms of life everwhere around us, is the awakening which serves as the bridge which connects us to our multidimensionallity, to our authenticity, to our interconnectedness which unites all life from that sacred place within ourselves. Through this natural acceptance, we can take this step, and allow ourselves to merge known and unknown aspects of ourselves, of all life with Love which enables us to embrace the very essence of the mystery of which we and all life are comprised, without the compulsion to analyse and work it all out. We allow ourselves to feel the emergence of this innate wisdom and allow ourselves to truly embrace what it means 'to be.' In this way we welcome home the return to Love, by our being that, for at our core this is who we are. Deny this awakening or embrace this; it matters not. Consciousness is shifting into the heightened vibrational endless fields of Love, in our individual and collective evolutionary awakening, where all souls, all life finds itself on journeys of awakening to be One and to return to the Oneness of All That Is.

It is Love which unifies us as ONE with everything and everyone....It is Love which has always been deep within ourselves even though we simply forgot this.... and it is Love to which we are awakening, which ushers into our reality our real growth to thrive. In the beauty, the peace and harmony, in the joy of being alive and here in these times we are remembering who we are and why we came here! It is with this time of awakening to Love that we now can celebrate our UNITY!

And It Is So!

From my heart to yours
Shelley Ruth Wyndham
Cape Town
South Africa


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