Introduction Course to the Medicine Wheel Teachings Two month course This illuminating two month course introduces people to the beauty and practicality of the Native American Medicine Wheel teachings. This introductory course is held on consecutive Saturday mornings over a two month period, and comprises a total of eight sessions. All work is held out in Nature, in a sacred Medicine Wheel built in the Tokai forest. Each person in their own personal, private process, is invited to experience and awaken some deeper aspects within themselves, regarding what it means to be human and here upon our Mother Earth in these critical times of choice, right now.Teachings are oral and through sacred ceremony, each person comes to realize in their own way, how they have separated themselves from life, from their authentic true self and have come to believe that this is 'normal'. Through these gentle ancient teachings each person is guided to awaken themselves to their truth, where illusions begin to dissolve. Sacred ways are shared which guide a person to re-connect, to re-member, to embrace the healing of their separations and begin to grow their awakening self, towards their own wholeness with balance, appreciation, compassion, kindness, power with an awakening wisdom.....''everything we do, affects everything around us.' It is recommended that people join this course, if they are contemplating to take their studies of Red Road Teachings which I provide, further, so they can discover if this is indeed what they want to do. It is not compulsory though.Often individuals who are already walking the Good Red Road with me, find that this Introduction Course, helps them to refresh themselves with the wisdom this course covers. People who have completed the 2 month course often redo this course, just to again 'feel the beauty' of the sacred Medicine Wheel Teachings. This is a delightful course for any one and everyone seeking connection with self and to discover the inter-connection with all life. 'We must come to understand the wisdom which humankind has forgotten.' Native American wisdom. PAYMENT TERMS The investment for this introductory course is R2000. For all inquiry's and bookings email : Brief Overview 12 Months Course 24 Months Course Other Red Road courses: 'The Archetypal Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary' Medicine Wheel Wisdom Twelve Month Red Road Archetype Teachings - Level One Course. 'Walking the Shamanic Teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel' Healing and Awakening your self! Twenty four Month Red Road Shamanic Teachings - Level Two Course