"If we want to fulfill our divine plan....we cannot progress spiritually unless we deal with our psychology. Those behavioral patterns which are lodged in our belief systems, which keep coming back and which block progress, have to be mastered"...Elizabeth Clare Prophet - The Story of Your Soul I had no knowledge of any of this until I became a student on the Native American Red Road Teachings. I knew my life task was already set in stone but had no idea how to extract it. Excalibur was firmly embedded in its rock of inaccessibility. Shelley proved to be a Teacher, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Guide, Opener of my Psyche. She led me to finding injuries and patterns of belief which I had locked away, hidden, unknown and unseen...and to healing them! Trained and prepared through very many lifetimes - as she is gifted by Creator, so we are gifted with Shelley. She is Seer, Vision-eer, guided and taught by great masters. Her teachings, which we are privileged to experience, are phenomenal. Her guidance through profound inner work, ceremony and initiations, enabled me to discover dysfunctional aspects. She facilitated the opening of my 'Stone Heart' and set me upon a path of healing. Looking back over the 2 years since embarking upon the Red Road with this 'Red Woman in a White Skin' I see clearly how Shelley's ancient and profound teachings are lighting my way back to one-ness in the great beam of Creator's heart love.
Mitakuye Oyasin.



My PSYCH-K session with Shelley was so profound. In just two hours she took me through a deep process of first finding the exact belief that was causing me a great amount of emotional pain in my life, then removed it like a weed from my subconscious mind. This old belief had deep roots in my childhood and so I was skeptical about this process working and thought that the belief would probably come back again soon. I was wrong. It has been almost two months now since my session and many opportunities for me to have fallen back into the grips of the old belief, but to my astonishment, it no longer holds the emotional charge that it used to hold. It's as though Shelley has disconnected a live bomb that was inside me. I feel so much gratitude towards Her for her very capable and experienced ability to gently probe me to the actual place of pain in order to change things in a meaningful way.

I highly recommend  PSYCH-K sessions with Shelley.


When you arrive at Shelley, you park your car and cross a small bridge, it is at this moment that a wonderful sense of calm comes over you. I have been going to see Shelley for a few years now. To sum up this journey is impossible, there is simply not enough space. Shelley, her beautiful teachings and her unwavering devotion to the Great Spirit changed my life. I have learnt so much about myself, healed on so many levels, physical, emotional and mental, and continue to do so. I have realized that we are all on the most remarkable journey, each unique and challenging... It has been Shelley's guidance along this path, that has equipped me with tools and attitude to make the very most of everything. It is a blessing to be taught by her. I arrived on her doorstep a very sick and sad girl and now write this letter a very well and happy one. Thank you Shelley for your dedication, I go into the future with love and light carrying all your teachings with me. I needed a miracle and that is exactly what I got. Thank you.


I enrolled in the Red Road one year Shamanic Medicine Wheel Teachings and the eight month Medicine Wheel Archetypes courses. I did this as my life had become unmanageable and I needed tools to find my true authentic self. I needed to face my weaknesses and to gain courage and strength to live a happy and fulfilled life without fear. I took a leap of faith and little did I know that these courses were going to prepare me towards a new path, and that my life was going to change dramatically and that without the Red Road teachings, I would never have had the courage to make the choices that I had to make. Whilst embracing the Native American way of life, and becoming more aware of our Mother Earth, and the connection between the Earth's role and mine, I realized her abuse and began to see the abuse I was inflicting on myself. I realized that I had an addiction problem which was not serving me and that I was living a hypocritical life. With the help of Shelley and the Red Road teachings, I was empowered to face my addiction and at long last gain respect for myself. I am now able to make clear, healthy decisions and no longer depend on the approval of others for a sense of well being. I have a good relationship with myself and hence others and have found serenity and peace with an absence of anger and anxiety.?On the Red Road I found a true spiritual awaking and ..... at last, I like the company I keep. I would encourage everyone to take up the challenge, be brave and find yourself, the unique, special and wonderful being that you are. ?Thank you Shelley and Wolf.


There are few words that can adequately describe the work that Shelley does....miraculous, life-changing...a true blessing. Shelley is an incredibly gifted spiritual healer and intuitive counselor. She creates an environment of safety and love in which her clients can be supported to see themselves more clearly and find the courage and inner strength to change. As you change, so does your life and the world around you. The results of Shelley's work are extremely real and powerful and any person who has the honor of working with Shelley, is truly blessed.


Red Road Teachings - This year long course is life changing on so many levels. The wisdom of the Red People is sensitively relayed be Shelley who shares a strong bond with them. Shelley is a wonderful teacher who embodies both strength and compassion - she will teach you to love and respect the relevance of this 'old wisdom' and the Red ways. She will hold your hand, wipe your tears, laugh with you when it is needed, she will stand behind you as you take that terrifying step into the unknown. She will be mother, sister, friend and at time's adversary - She is everything one can ask for in a teacher and the knowledge she shares is timeless and beautiful and will deeply touch your heart.


I first met Shelley in April 2002. Shelley has been and continues to be an inspiration towards my journey of life. My road with Shelley as my teacher has been opened toward amazingly beautiful enlightened experiences of healing. Shelley's commitment and loyalty have never lacked and her devotion towards my healing I will forever be grateful for.

When I first started my intuitive counseling sessions with Shelley I could feel how I was growing spiritually, and meaning to life was being opened to my mind and heart. In September 2003 I decided to do the Red Road Teachings and in March 2005, I completed the Red Road Shamanic Medicine Wheel one year course, which ended up taking one and a half years. The course started with two months theory and then we went into Nature to do ceremony work with Shelley. I found this very exciting and rewarding but at times very challenging as it brought my stuff out and it allowed me to see those things inside of me which held my growth back. Thus I was able to consciously see where I needed to look at healing my life. After doing the Medicine Wheel course I felt that I had learnt more about who I am and found more purpose to life. It has put me on a path of the Heart.

Shelley's full moon spirit guided meditations are always unique and beautiful. I have also attend Shelley's powerful Earth healing ceremonies and other workshops. With Shelley's guidance I have come to understand the ancient ways of the Native American peoples whose truths apply to all of humanity and have led me towards a greater understanding of life which has allowed me to find balance and harmony within. I have come to understand that it is very important for me to heal those parts of myself that are not in synchronicity and by doing counselling work with Shelley I am able to talk about things that are needed to be dealt with and this is of great importance towards my growth.

Shelley has been and continues to be an absolute inspiration towards my life and it warms my heart to know and be expertly guided by such an amazing person. I will always recommend anyone to do intuitive counselling and Red Road teachings with Shelley.


Over the past 10 years, I have attended a variety of workshops, courses, medicine wheels and meditation classes given by Shelley Ruth Wyndham. Many of Shelley's methodologies and philosophies are rooted in the ancient spiritual wisdom of the Native American Red Road Teachings. The ancient Red Road Teachings are deeply profound, insightful and as relevant and valid today as they were in the past. Collective consciousness, being one with universe, staying in tune and connected with Nature and Spirit are key fundamentals of these teachings.

Shelley is an ethical, gifted, open heart-ed and deeply committed teacher and healer. Over the years, her teachings have brought to me spiritual insights, inner peace, bliss and connectivity to all, in the highly complex and fractured world that we live in. In addition, her teachings and meditations have positively changed my approach to life and shown me more effective and rewarding ways in dealing with life's daily challenges. Her meditations are visual journeys that manifest, as the 'Beauty Way'. I feel truly blessed to have been touched by Shelley's teachings and deep spirituality and will remain on the higher path thanks to her.

I wish Shelley even more success with her abilities to touch the hearts and spirits of all those that connect with her.
Much love, light and happiness.


On recommendation by my Wholism Healing therapist, I joined Shelley's Red Road Teachings in the second half of 2006. It seemed that re-connecting to myself through 'Mother Earth' was what I needed and the Red Road Teachings were one way in which to do this. And whoever guided my therapist, was right.

I immediately felt comfortable with Shelley although from the start she challenged me in all my weak spots, which was decidedly uncomfortable. But this was done, not in ego, but in a Spirit of Love. It was completely up to me whether I would respond by defending my wounded ego or allow change to come through me.

Well, it was with immeasurable blessings that the latter happened during the journey along the Red Road for me, each of our sessions brought with it,several intensely personal miracles.(And they continue to this day.)This, I think was because Shelley has the ability to help you see your own unique personal power by being at once the structure to your discovery and being totally absent from it. She is so grounded in her authenticity that the Spirit of Unconditional Love allows you to challenge yourself and all that which has not been questioned deeply before. She creates a safe place where your own transformation can occur. A safe place is of the utmost importance as the journey is often painful as you shed preconceptions and inhibitions. However, without that cleansing fire, the Phoenix cannot rise from the Ashes!

Although the Red Road is authentically frame-worked in Native American tradition, the teachings are Universal. You walk the road only with the intention of discovering your own truth not to adopt that of any other individual or belief system. However, a structured traditional approach, led by the right person, in her own authenticity, as Shelley does, is immeasurably powerful in pointing one in the direction of that which is at the HEART OF EACH ONE OF US. And, once we open the door, the rest takes on a momentum of its own, if we allow it.

This is what the Red Road Teachings did for me and life has turned from being a dark place of alienation, to being a complete blessing every moment of every day!

The work is hard and the road is tough, but this could be the turning point for you as it was for me.
With Love In Spirit.


In today's world where there is so much searching and need for self evaluation and understanding, many people are beginning to realise that true understanding only comes from knowing ones self. 3 years ago I had the blessing of attending a meditation run by a friend of mine. It was at this meditation that I met Shelley. My first sense was an innate pull to the gentle, non judgemental way she managed the session. I was drawn to her healing energy and eager to find out more about the teachings. I visited her web site and everything she embodied felt like home for me and it all felt like it was written for me personally. I decided to sign up for the 1 year Red Road course based completely on a feeling that this was something I really needed to do.

To explain my experience of the Red Road is simple for me now. The Red Road is the greatest journey of self discovery I have ever travelled on and am still travelling on today. This Road is a beautiful road but is not some commercial quick fix. It is a lesson in facing your own ego and true self in the most 'head on' way that you will ever experience. What a blessing to be able to see all aspects of yourself. My greatest challenge in life has always been my mind and how I need a logical explanation for everything. This journey has taught that everything in life is as it should be and not everything has a logical answer. This journey has brought a strong faith into both my mind and heart and has opened my soul to a sense of knowing who I am for the first time in my life. Through the Red Road I have reconnected with nature and am learning daily the importance of respect of every element, creature and plant on this planet. These are such powerful teachings that come from the wisest of people in the world and we all know them deep down inside. It is a lesson in standing in your power and truly walking your walk and talking your talk.

What a truly amazing journey I have had with Shelley. She has no Ego and Judgement and works with commitment, focus and dedication to the only Creator in the world and universes. Thank you Shelley you are a blessing and inspiration to the World and have been instrumental in the changes in my life.


''I went through a huge transformation really quickly during this Sacred Meditation Retreat workshop. I stand in awe and am humbled by this process. Thank you Shelley, for holding the space, so gently, so masterfully, until I regained clarity of my power and my purpose on this beautiful Earth.

My sincere gratitude and love.


Thank you for creating the space for the gentle and powerful anchoring of teachings you provided for us all to experience, on this Sacred Meditation Retreat - teachings which were on the periphery of my reality. What an honor, blessing and pleasure to be part of such Divine and Sacred transformation shifts. Thank you Shelley. Mitakuye Oyasin.