We welcome you to our inspirational messages offered with unconditional love based upon our commitment to assist humanity especially now,through these changing times.Every message written, comes with deep respect, honour and love for the human condition.We trust and hope that these words and ways gently trigger the opening of doorways and inner portals for release, healing and re-awakening from deep within yourself, even if the material facilitates just an opening for you to consider another point of view...All writings are original and can be found in my book 'Promises to Myself' dedicated to assist in some contributing way,to help awaken humanity's consciousness as we all journey through these powerful times of transition: the Universal shift called the Great Awakening!

May our journeys be beautiful!

Blessings of unlimited peace,harmony,love and joy to us all.

From my heart to yours
Shelley Ruth Wyndham.

''Promises to myself...''

written excerpts from the book...soon to be placed here.

These written messages are copyright Shelley Ruth Wyndham 2011 and can be found in the book 'Promises to Myself' part of the 'Awaken to your Light Collection' comprising various books and CD's. The Awaken to your Light Collection will soon to be available and displayed from this website, found under the Products category Awakening World - a division of Spirit World Medicine. Any republishing of part or all of the contents is prohibited.

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