The Awakening Wholeness Series
Spirit-Guided Meditation Journeys for Self Healing
CD Range

The Awakening Wholeness Series, a CD range of Spirit-guided meditation journeys. This CD range comprises four powerful and deeply transformational meditations, Inner Child, Feminine Divine, Male Warrior and Spiritual Essence. This CD range is suitable for anyone willing to find healing, deeper understanding and re-connection with All That Is.

Inner Child Meditation Journey

The Inner Child represents that wounded aspect within each one of us, that aspect that holds those memories of our wounding, of our past. It is through healing the Inner Child that we are able to begin changing and transforming our emotional responses and behavioural patterns. Through this healing, we are able to open our heart in safety, to birth self trust, self love, self respect and to awaken ourselves to be part of the exquisite adventure of life, with love, joy and spontaneity.

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Feminine Divine Meditation Journey

All is born of woman. The womb is the place from where all life emerges. She is the Earth and the Waters and her powers lie in the cycles and flow of all life. The Feminine is the receptive aspect of all Creation and is found within every human being. When we connect with the Feminine Divine power within, we awaken ourselves to the gift of intuitive knowings, to our source of pure creativity, to our natural powers of healing. We learn we can dance with ease and grace through the different phases of our physical life.

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Male Warrior Meditation Journey

The Masculine energy is the active aspect of all Creation and is found within every female and male. When balanced, we are able to find forgiveness for ourselves and all others. We learn to stand tall in our integrity, we find the courage to awaken humility and compassion, we discover new perceptions, new ways of thinking, new ways of being with ourselves and all others. Tapping into our Male Warrior within, we learn to lead ourselves with honour and gratitude into our future. We learn through surrendering our fears, we can begin to have faith in ourselves and in the sacred process of life.

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Spiritual Essence Meditation Journey

This is a spiritual journey, a journey of the spirit! This flight is for great awakenings, symbolically to burn away the veils which maintain our separation, to ignite our inner Flame of Oneness, which links each one of us with all of Creation, with all of life everywhere. This journey sparks our awareness to the spiritual essence of our self, at the core of our being, the essence of all life, everywhere. The miracle of life, of which we are a part!

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