Awakening World is a specialized category within Spirit World Medicine which houses products created and designed for retail purposes. All Awakening World products are structured upon and imbued with the principles and philosophies dedicated to the raising of humanity's consciousness and the healing of our Earth.

Since the initial concept gifted in vision from the Creator, the Awakening World category is growing into a global business. All Awakening World products are either directly created and designed by Shelley Ruth Wyndham, or are a collaboration of energies with her and others who uphold similar intentions for healing and wholeness, or personally sourced by her, from top suppliers whose principles and philosophies are in alignment with the work conducted by Spirit World Medicine and in line with what the discerning clientele has come to experience and expect accordingly, from the Awakening World products. All Awakening World products hold an encouraging message for this world: to continually empower humanity to uncover the Truth held within each person's heart and to be the change needed in our world.

The Awakening World products category of Spirit World Medicine, provide beautiful inspiring products which birth new ways, journeys and choices of healing, special treatments and items, created in honour of healing and wholeness.When we heal ourselves we heal our world.

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