our first COLLECTIVE step in these times,towards

17th & 18th JULY 2010
Cape Town and Kalahari Desert representing the South Direction of the World Tree.

JOIN US in this global call for UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS! This is a global event, in which we in Southern Africa,hold the South Direction for the world and are joined by peoples all over the world and specifically from Scandinavia, the North Direction, Singapore, the East Direction and Mayalands, Guatamala, the West Direction. These Four Directions, East, South, West and North represent a global Medicine Wheel - a reconstruction of the World Tree of Life, where there will be dedicated ceremonies and gatherings being performed for this global event.The time has arrived for humanity to move beyond the concepts of separation and duality. This is the time for us to join together as the 'People of the Earth' who care, to come together as one breath, one heartbeat, one voice, and one consciousness for Divine Love.As we acknowledge the Divinity within every heart, may we celebrate our diversities, moving past the illusion of things that separate us.As we become a part of this global UNITY WAVE may we awaken and change the way we live here for our highest purpose - for love, peace, harmony, joy, care-taking of our environment, to live in a sacred way, to honour and respect all life.As each of us, becomes the change we seek in our world may we move forward embracing our full unity consciousness to welcome the birth of our New World!

Come join the Unity Wave!

Saturday 17th July 2010

4pm - 5.30pm presenting ''Between 2 Worlds'' a movie by Jose Jaramillo
which shares views by Dr. Carl Calleman and other global wisdom keepers

6pm - 8pm ''Envisioning the New Earth''
Guided group Meditation with Shelley and friends
''Prayer is the most potent instrument of action'' Ghandi.
Heart - felt donations welcomed - all proceeds to Izak Kruiper of the
Khomani Bushman People - Kalahari Desert

Address for Saturday event : 9 Brassie Street, Lakeside, Cape Town
Call Mandy : 0836018388

Sunday 18th July 2010

3pm - 6pm global synchronization - with sacred ceremonies
uniting in global connection ''Anchoring the New Unity Consciousness''
Shelley Ruth Wyndham shamanic healer & teacher will be holding ceremony in a sacred Medicine Wheel in the arboretum of Tokai forest,
Cape Town
Call Mandy for directions : 08360183880836018388

Sean Alan Caulfield shamanic artist together with Spiritual healer and medicine man Izak Kruiper of the Khomani Bushmen People will be holding sacred ceremony in the Kalahari Desert

As it is with each of the Four Directions of the Conscious Convergence global events, so is it the intention for the Southern African ceremonies, which together represent the global South Direction, to begin to ignite a global unity wave to Oneness. Together we honour the ancient wisdom and ways of the First Peoples of our Earth, with that of modern contemporary society.

Through Unity Consciousness we remember our future.

Join this powerful event open to those seeking a better way of living.
Be the change you seek in this world!

contact : shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za

contact : seanacaul@gmail.com

for more on this global event go to

From my heart to yours