A Shaman mentor and friend, called Frederico, from USA, had, during his visit here, met with a very spacial one-winged Eagle whose name was 'Ralph' who lived at the World Of Birds, primarily a park for birds, but which seems to be growing more into a type of a zoo than a bird park, as they are now housing primates, buck, jackals, a lynx and a variety of other types of animals in addition to birds. They are based in Houtbay, Cape Town. Frederico informed me that I was to spend time with the Eagle Nation members who lived there at this place, to get to know the Eagles and other raptors there and he told me to spend some time in particular with Ralph. Frederico told me that Ralph was soon going to die and that I was to ensure that the correct honouring procedure was to happen with the burial of the Eagle and that no feathers were to be taken from the dead animal. Unfortunately, despite my persistent requests, I was not informed nor involved in Ralph's burial, though I was told they did not take any feathers from the dead creature. Ralph had died some six months after Frederico had left South Africa at that time. But, I had spent some very good times with Ralph, when he was alive and I am honoured to say, we became good friends. I would sit for hours talking and listening to him - as he told me many things. He, effectively, opened the way for me to be accepted by the other Eagles in the bird park, for which I am very grateful.

Like most people, I do not like seeing birds, especially Eagles in cages. Something I will never get used to. Some of the wingeds there are wounded and brought to the park and taken care of, and this is good but there are some winged who really want their freedom and this is hard for them to be there. For a period of five years I attempted to make 'in roads' with the World Of Birds management, to volunteer to be able to work with the Eagles in particular. I was unsuccessful. It wasn't until early in 2009, when one day, in a ceremony with some clients, I received a vision from the Eagles who were calling me to come to them. So, I went to World Of Birds and on my arrival I was told that one of the vultures had just died . The event of my arrival at this time, seemed to change everything for a time. The management team initially seemed happy to finally meet with me and accepted at that time, at least, to allow me to volunteer at the park as a Spiritual healer. However this is not the case any more.

This I find very interesting. So the volunteer group who had joined with me, which included a friend of mine who is a qualified private vet and some of my clients and friends, as a group we offered our efforts to work with management of the park, to help provide Spiritual healing and vetinary work deemed necessary at the park. We had intended to help to uplift the energies and provide specific animal healing / vetinary requirements wherever required and made it very clear that we wanted to work with the management team to help balance the energies at the park between the management, the animals and the public. However, for whatever reason our efforts have been not welcomed by this establishment. As sad as this is, as public members we are still allowed access into the park which is good,because at least I can continue to meet with the wingeds and other animal friends who have asked for my assistance there, and my commitment remains strong with them as it is always for all animals who may need Spiritual and healing assistance. And this is good. My focus in going to such places like the World Of Birds and various other animal places, is to help lift and clear the energies and to offer healing for the Spirit of the creatures there. Everything I do, is done sacredly and inconspicuously with the wingeds and all animals at these establishments. At times, I sing gently to them, other times I work softly with my rattle and always I pray to the Creator to assist. It is during these times, that I see the wonder of our Creator and all Creation.

Once , I was sitting on the ground, at the World of Birds park, close up to the cage, with my one hand holding the cage. One of the Black Eagles flew towards me and came to stand right up close to me, took one of my fingers in her beak and with her face a few centimeters away from mine with only the cage between us, she locked her beautiful golden eyes into mine. I found myself singing a song gently, aloud to her and to all, a song I had never sung before with what sounded like Native American words and chanting, I had not uttered before. We sat like that for what seemed like hours, days even, as we journeyed across the Galaxies together. She shared the experience with me of what it feels like to soar the vastness of Father Sky and touch the mystery of Creator's Essence beyond time and space. I was changed forever from this encounter. These beings are nothing less than miraculous. Another time, as I was working with the Eagles, and as the energy of healing and vitality began to open and flow into the park and into the space where we were, the wingeds one by one began to fly inside the cage and individually some of them began to 'sing' their calls, uniting our voices, we all sang as one.

As I looked up one of the Black Eagles flew onto a tree stump inside the cage, upon which this incredible being then began to dance with his wings stretched out and he danced and danced while all of us 'sang', me with my human voice and the Eagles with their sacred calls. Incredible work which is humbling and beyond words. All life is sacred.

My work with these beings is on-going, which started out as a commitment to my mentor, but is now a commitment to each of the wingeds as it is also to myself. I now go regularly just to be with them. I am in awe of them, even though I went there to help the Eagles, they are the healers, and they are the teachers, if only humanity would take the time to listen and notice the limitless miracles which surround us, from the Natural world, from the Animal Kingdoms, everywhere and at all times. We are not alone.