Whale Ceremony held on the 6th of June 2009 in honour of the Whales who died on Kommetjie Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

We held a gathering on Saturday 6th June 2009, for approximately 120 members of the public including emergency personnel, in honour of the 55 killer-pilot Whales who had beached themselves, and for the souls of those Whales who had died on the Kommetjie beach Saturday, 30th May 2009. The gathering was also an honouring of all the people who had assisted in the rescue attempts during that day. The rescue teams of people - both professional and public members, some of whom had spent seven to eight hours in the freezing winter ocean swells, displayed selflessness and compassion in order to pacify and work with the beached Whales. I am honoured to report I was one of the many to have joined in this rescue effort and I was there in the waters for 7 hours. I was guided on the day, to work in a very specific manner with specific Whales; I was also guided to help comfort various people who were traumatised during this time. The gathering we offered, was a ceremony which served as a closure to all involved with the traumatic event. To date, it has been estimated 11 of the 55 Whales, were successfully returned to the ocean by the rescuers on the day and it appears that they still have not returned to the coastline.

''Wake up , wake up, wake up
Rise with the rising Sun
Listen to your heart
We are one , we are one, we are one"

Song created by Roy Littlesun Adopted Hopi elder mentor and friend.

Although beaching is a mysterious occurrence, there is enough mounting scientific evidence that the ocean waters of our world and the living life therein, are needing assistance from pollution alone.

Is it a stretch of the imagination to become concerned citizens of our world in relation to the health of our planet home, home for all life which lives here, and in particular with relation to the oceans of our world? The science tells an alarming story : high levels of evident and reported pollution and infection in our global oceans which is increasing, the coral reefs and phytoplankton across the globe which are under threat and radically declining, and the global decline of fish stocks in relation to the supply / demand for human consumption. The botany department of University of Cape Town has stated 'at our current rate of marine life consumption, there will be 10% ocean life left by 2050.' As a group of concerned human beings, we gathered together to honour the Whales. In addition, we chose to address and share concern to humanity, to consider how we as humanity, live here, regarding our impact upon the natural world and to consider that the Whales could be messengers to humanity, asking us to seek and find more harmonious ways to live here with specific relation to the oceans of our world. How we, as human beings live, does not only impact on the natural world; what we do impacts on all life, including on our life, as it also impacts on the type of world we leave behind us for our children's children to inherit.

Below, is a copy of the speech I was guided to present, at the gathering and honouring ceremony for the Whales who died. We thank everyone who came to attend this honouring and as can be seen from the accompanying photographs on this page, people and children were attentive, moved and somewhat comforted by the love and care which was felt by all.

''Greetings, blessings, healing and peace to everyone. To our beloved Creator, the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the same God, Allah, Universal Power - the Source of All That Is, that breathed life into all in this world - the One Source with many names.

I stand before you Creator of All, humbled, honoured and grateful. Thank You for the privilege You have blessed me with, the privilege we all have, to walk upon this beautiful Mother Earth who sustains all life. Thank You for the gift each of us has from You, the gift to be alive in these times.

I thank the Powers who come to work with me from the Spirit world and from the Physical realms. I thank my teachers and mentors who are joining in this ceremony from all over the world right now, who are hearing my voice as I speak here and I am hearing their voices within me right now.

Thank you all my loved ones, colleagues, those adversaries and my friends all of whom have helped me become who I am today, to know who I am and who I am not as I continue to awaken myself, like us all, growing, evolving and continually finding my place in all of Creation. Aho.

I am Shelley Ruth Wyndham; I am a Shamanic Healer Teacher. I stand here together with fellow Earth-walkers Sean Caulfield, a Shamanic Artist and Drummer; Kate Ann Spreckley, a Spiritual Healer Teacher; Mandy Scanlen business entrepreneur, Change Facilitator and Project Manager and Jennifer Godwin Registered Professional Nurse and Reiki Master. We five people walk the Good Red Road together.

I have been trained and guided by ancient indigenous teachings steeped in the wisdom this world needs to remember. Although I speak in ways which are coloured by Native American principles,from the First Nation People's of the Americas, I speak a Universal message of Universal principles that needs to be respected. Regardless of who you are, I invite you to listen deeply beyond your judgments and criticisms, beyond what you think you know, beyond the differences between us. I invite you to open your heart and to allow your consciousness to hear the essence of this message today.

Regardless of peoples cultures or creeds, this ancient shamanic wisdom has the power of healing humanity in these times. If you will allow it, let my words gently tap upon the peripheral edges of your levels of consciousness to awaken. If you will allow it, let the tone of my voice gently beat within your heart to open. Despite all our differences we are all people of the Earth and we all live on this ONE planet. We have to change the way we live here.

Ancient Indigenous wisdom roots us to our beginnings here on this planet where there was respect for all life, not just for the human life, but for Nature and the creature beings, great and small, whether they flew, swam, crawled or ran. Mother Earth from ancient times was honoured because from the Earth, it was known, came everything that sustained life. In those times humanity was able to live in balance with themselves and all life which lived and breathed all around them.

Today, across our planet, humans are disrupting systems which have taken millions of years to build. Deforestation of our world forests is increasing the levels of green house gases in the atmosphere and reducing the Earth s ability to cope. As temperatures rise, glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking which will result in sea level rise which could threaten coastal cities and is already affecting the existence of many creatures fighting for survival. In the oceans the rising carbon dioxide levels are beginning to acidify sea water which is expected to damage coral reefs, and thus the complex food chains they support. Our current rate of marine life consumption and excess levels of pollution means we are depleting our oceans, which used to be abundant in their supplies, healthy, clean and sustainable.

We are the only species that is disrupting and destroying the source of life, our Mother Earth, in the name of money, greed, control, dominance, ownership of land, extraction of mineral resources, the use of chemicals and toxins and methods of warfare that are doing irreversible damage. Our Mother Earth is tired and cannot sustain our destructive ways we live here, ways which are at her cost and also at our own.

Just as the waters of our oceans have memories of the creatures that live within the oceans and glaciers contain millions of years of the Earth's history, water circulates around the planet and within our own bodies. To understand water is to understand the Cosmos, the mysteries of Nature and life itself. Water mirrors our vibrations, water mirrors all the vibrations created in the world. Water mirrors humanity s consciousness reflecting what is in people's hearts and in our souls.

From a shamanic perspective we have come to know everything our Creator has made is alive, with its own unique intelligence, everything has purpose, meaning and medicine to teach us.

Whale carries the history of Mother Earth. Whale medicine teaches that sound frequencies can bring up records of ancient knowledge from within us human beings and teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies to balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms and ways.

The shamans drum which beats here,softly, rhythmically, brings healing and peace as we align with whales message. The drum is the Universal heart beat and aligns all beings heart to heart. Each of us has been called by the whales who died here last Saturday, to wake up and change the way we live here. Each of us needs to take note of whale s message. We must tap into our inner wisdom, not to abandon our logic, but to balance our logic with our intuition. We need to find compassion and access deeper levels of humility, to birth a broader sense of understanding - that we are all part of Creation. What happened here last week must not go unnoticed and must serve to awaken our need to create a sustainable life here.

Tap into your ancient inner records and allow yourself to be sung to by those who have the original language such as whale. Whales are one of the ancient ones who connect us to our ancient origins.

Each of you holds all the answers you need to survive, to grow and to claim the power of your chosen destiny, to wake up and live in harmony. The call of the whale is the lullaby of the tides of time. Flow with the waters of time and collect your answers as to how we can and must transmute discord, heal ourselves and this world, by changing our thinking and our behaviour, by changing the ways we live to ensure we have a future here.

Seek the whale song from within you; in this way each of us will enable connections to be made to the ancient ones, to the ancient aspects of ourselves, on a deep cellular level for all humans to remember. As you relax into the flow of the songs and rhythms we will sing here, you can begin to open your unique records within yourself, you can begin to connect to the vastness of who you are and why we are here, you can begin to tap into the mysteries of life, of which we are all part. Look to the stars for the song of whale.

It is not enough to take care of just ourselves; we all need to become caretakers of our Earth and all the life forms we are privileged to share our lives with. We must remember we have all been granted the power of Creation by our Creator and if we begin to work with this innate power wisely we can change our world. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

This is the message from the ancient ones who ask us all to awaken now.

This is the message we come to share with you today.

This is the message that can no longer be silenced.

If we want the world to change WE have to change.

For what we do now more than ever before, matters in terms of consequences. We affect everything around us.
May today be a celebration, not only to the lives of our whale brothers and sisters that died here last week, but also to the shift we need to make in our own lives now. As each day passes I ask all Nations of this world to begin a global effort so that harmony may be ushered in.

To each one of us we need to embrace the due role as caretakers of the Earth, caretakers of all the life forms we share our lives with upon this planet. You alone and only you, can make this vital choice to walk in honour or to dishonour your relatives, " your relatives being all the brothers and sisters in all life forms who live here with us " and on your decisions, rests the fate of the entire world.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nations of the America's states ''Each of us is put here in this time and in this place to personally decide the future of human kind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this world, believe that. Understand both the blessing and the burden of that. You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this world.

Did you think you were put here for something less?
In the sacred hoop of life, there is no beginning and no ending''

Each of us is a key, today this is a door, let us walk through this door together and be the change that is needed in this world so that we have a thriving, balanced, sustainable future for all life here.


Mitakuye Oyasin
Four Winds''.