Spirit World Medicine was dreamed into being, when it became clear to me that in addition to the healing work I provide, which focuses on helping humanity to find ways of healing, it was shown to me that my work was to begin to include to offer healing Ceremonies for the Natural world too, within the Animal Kingdoms, the Waters of Life, the Green Life and Mother Earth healing Ceremonies. I am humbled and in awe of the miracle of the Creator in all of Creation and I honour and respect how the Creator is guiding me with all that I do. All life is sacred and everything the Creator has made is beautiful, has purpose, is alive with intelligence, Spirit and consciousness

Many times I am guided by the Creator to go to certain places at specific times just to be able to assist in some way, and most of these times, I will not necessarily know beforehand....whether it be that I am positioned at the precise time and place to rescue a wounded animal from a hit and run automobile accident for insight into something related; or that I happen to arrive on a scene which results in delaying or halting the cutting down of trees in a shopping complex in order to obtain agreement by the authorities to re-green their policies and to replant trees; or I am in the place where animals or other life forms require sacred passing over ceremonies - restoring respect, harmony and honour for all life lived; or I am organising litter-clean up campaigns on beaches and providing blessing of the waters; or holding a healing ceremony for the humans and a troop of 140 baboons come to honour the work we are doing by joining us, coming to sit with us around our sacred forest Medicine Wheel and teaching the humans to not be afraid.

Some events are private and are not spoken about. Some events are global and call for the attention for better governance for the environment of our world. All events happen by the Creator's permission. I am humbled and grateful to be a small part of this work. Creator is the miracle; life is a gift and a priviledge for us all.

The following pages cover some of our events - past and on-going.