Shamanism is the ancient religion of the ancestors of humanity, from which all Spiritual traditions have grown, where Nature was the Spiritual teacher, without written scriptures and without dogmas. Nature remains a living wisdom evident everywhere around us all.

Shamanism is the oldest way human beings sought connection with Creation. The origins of shamanism have been scientifically dated back, over 50 000 years ago to Stone Age times, with evidence of shamanic practices from this Palaeolithic period, observed in cave art and related works, worldwide, all of which seem to share a similar cosmology and wisdom of how the Universe functions.

The word shaman originates from the Tungus Peoples of Siberia. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the word shaman is derived from the Tunguso-Manchurian word saman, which implies 'to know' and anthropologists studying indigenous healing methods world wide, applied the word shaman to specifically refer to the ancient healing practices of the aboriginal peoples of the world both men and women - healers, visioners, seers - who used their abilities for healing and wholeness. This is what we know today, as shamanism.

Although these days, there are some different definitions amongst Western students of shamanism as to what precisely shamanism is or is not, I personally embrace the principles expressed by Roger N. Walsh's definition of shamanism, stated here as a ''family of traditions whose practitioners focus on voluntarily entering altered states of consciousness in which they experience themselves or their spirits, traveling to other realms at will, and interacting with other entities in order to serve their community''.

Yet, as stated by Native American shaman Jamie Sams, ''Its very important that people who are looking at shamanism realize that being a shaman is not the goal....If a person is looking for a way to connect to what we call Great Mystery - the continually evolving Universe - and to tap into the Dream Weave and the Spirit within all things, they have to begin by illuminating places they have sent their own Spirit into expressing revenge or envy or any of the unbecoming attitudes and behaviour patterns that further begins with the can correct your own behaviour so that you walk in an impeccable manner with respect for all living things. And that is the goal''.

Shamanism reminds us today, that for centuries, human beings utilised the wisdom of the Natural world and ritual, to support change - the one constant in life - instead of ignoring or denying life processes. It is a common assumption with many Western peoples in our modern world today, to regard the physical reality as superior to the Spirit world; it is also prevalent to find some Spiritual practitioners who have become so engrossed with the beauty of the Spiritual world that they may look down on the physical reality. Yet, both realitites exist and both have their own values and unique qualities. In shamanic work, we learn to treat both worlds with respect and not allow these realities to grow out of balance with each other.

''Despite centuries of brutal colonialism, in which shamanism was attacked as diabolical superstition, Indigenous communities have kept the heart of their traditional wisdom beating'' (Timothy Freke).

Today, contemporary shamanism can be found on all inhabited continents of our modern world, as many people not only from Indigenous backgrounds, are being called by the Spirits to work shamanically and I believe, this is due to the need for global healing and the restoration of balance in our world. The rebirth of shamanism in our world today, is indeed timeous. Despite the triumphs of our modern civilisation, the relentless Western advances of scientific materialism and consumerism, continue to amass vast amounts of wealth yet continue to conceal a Spiritual vacuum - and as the unsustainable nature of our Western civilization is becoming more visible, many people of our modern industrial world, are seeking connection with the old cultures and their Natural ways, for Spiritual help and guidance in finding a way back to more balance with Nature, the Earth and themselves. Human beings have made the mistake of ignoring the voice of Nature and forgetting the value of the Spirit world.

While humans have forgotten Spirits, Spirits do not forget us. The essence of shamanic work, is developing a relationship with the Spirit world. The ancient cultures such as the Native Americans, the First Nation People of the Americas, have preserved their sense of communion with the Natural world and the Spirit world. The shaman to this day, thus serves his or her community by having a special relationship with the Spirit world for the purpose of healing, protection and restoring balance and harmony between the human and the Natural worlds.We are all People of the Earth, regardless of where we live, our culture, our creed; we are all connected to each other by our mutual humanity; and we are all totally dependent upon the Earth and her life forms, for our survival....''we are connected to the animals, to Nature and every other part of the Universe'' (Jamie Sams).
My personal interest and thus this site, Spirit World Medicine, primarily embraces the philosophy and principles of shamanism of the Native Americans , First Nation Peoples of that continent - and this is primarily how I choose to live my life.

Yet, I find it interesting that there is a growing world wide trend of many people of our modern contemporary world today, who are taking a serious look at shamanic practices being conducted by the Indigenous, Native Americans - First Nation Peoples of the Americas....some call it Mother Earth Spirituality or the Natural Way - who are seeking to learn how to live the old ways - ways of living in harmony - to rebirth balance in these times. Humanity must wake up now, to what needs to change and transform, so that how we live on this planet, becomes sustainable, so that we have a future here.
We each hold that spark of Divinity, the Oneness within our beings, which comes from and connects us to, this mysterious power, our magnificent Creator of All; each one of us in our totality, is utterly unique - duplicated no where else in all of Creation; thus each individual life form, shares a Oneness with all things Creator has made - it is remembering this, which allows us to awaken deeper connection and respect for self and all life.
Each time we afford ourselves the gift of healing our separations, we welcome home a deeper understanding of our connection within ourselves and our place within the wholeness of Creation.

My job is primarily to listen deeply and pay attention to the physical reality and to the Spirit world. Creator is the miracle in everything that I do. I am humbled and in awe of this, always. People who are guided to come to me, come from all walks of life. The work I provide offers a way to members of the western culture, from which I come, a bridge into these beautiful Indigenous Spiritual teachings and wisdom. My role is one of facilitating the awakening process, helping the individual to awaken themselves into an all encompassing Spiritual journey, grounded in the processes I have been trained to come to know and all that I am guided to do, to provide to those who come to me, a process for healing themselves, with methods and ways especially effective in these times now. Thus, with specific reference to the Red Road shamanic teachings I provide, I offer these ways for the purposes of healing; I do not teach these ways for the sake of teaching these ways.Nor do I teach people to become teachers of this way.I teach people how to heal themselves. Creator guides all things. And it is so.Some people seek to embrace in their own way, a shamanic way of living to find their own Spiritual connection. Others are not interested in shamanic teachings, yet enjoy some shamanic methods of ritual which help them to find balance in their life. While others require a peaceful place of no judgement and safety, just to talk.

With everything I offer, shamanism certainly colours the ways I am guided to work, and yet these ways are utterly Universal - ancient, yet practical and more relevant today as they teach us how to walk in harmony with our selves AND all of the Universe.

How we awaken, is everybody's own personal choice, yet awaken, we must from our slumber of unconscious living and the gift with which we present ourselves, is wholeness, harmony, respect, honour, peace and balance. Each of us, are perfect strands of Divinity, birthed into physical form to experience human life here upon our beautiful Earth Mother, each Universes ourselves within the Universes of the Great Mystery Itself. Our Divine Spiritual Essence is made of Infinite Love and the Purest of Light, and we are in the times now where we need to heal those things we think, feel, say and do which keep us separate from this Divinity, of which we are comprised. This awakening within each one of us will make it possible to consciously 'be' this innate Divinty with all that we do, where we learn to balance not only what we do in our life, but also how we do what we do here, within ourselves and with all things in our life. It is time now, to remember....

''These Two Leggeds will be called the Rainbow Tribe; for they are the product of thousands of years of melding among the five original races. These Children of Earth have been called together to open their hearts and to move beyond the barriers of disconnection. The medicine they carry is the Whirling Rainbow of Peace; which will mark the union of the five races as one....

When the Children of the Earth are healed, we may welcome the Rainbow of Peace into our hearts and trust that each Medicine Walk on the Sacred Path will bring new connections and Good Medicine that can be shared. In this way, we become the living prophesy of the Fifth World of Peace'' (Jamie Sams).