Welcome to Spirit World Medicine. 

''Awaken your self ~ Awaken the world!''

Join Spirit World Medicine's monthly Spiritual events. Our gatherings and processes celebrate our awakening in these shifting times, as we birth within ourselves our new humanity ~ new ways of being with respect and care for our planet, Mother Earth home to all life here. All life comes from the Great Mystery, the Source of light which lives within all creations. In honor and respect of each one of us being an authentic creation our selves, we are invited in these events, to step into being the light of ourselves with joy, safety, freedom, compassion and wisdom!


''We are connected on an energetic level to everything. All life is energy, as we are too. Everything is alive with its own level of consciousness, different from each one of us, yet no less alive. Awakening ourselves to the frequencies we are constantly emitting and are receiving all the time, brings each one of us into the arena of deeply considering what it means to become aware of our self and of energies around our selves at all times. This brings each one of us in our own ways, to contemplate how we are living here on the planet home. When we choose to become self aware, we can begin to understand we have choices, as to what thoughts we focus on, what feelings and emotions we need support and what we do not need to support within ourselves, and how we can direct our behavior the more we become self aware. Choosing to become the best version of our self brings into being the potency of self mastery where our choices can yield the transformations our evolving souls seek into wholeness, balance, harmony and true freedom. We all can choose to shift from fear to love, from isolation to connection, from doubt to trusting, from abuse to healing, kindness, support and care, from confusion to clarity, from imbalance to wholeness, from chaos to peace. We are all powerful beings and we are being called to step into this self awareness which is being triggered within us all right now, to help us to make wiser choices, because what we do really matters. Each of us affect everything around us as we impact others and we are being impacted by everyone around us too. It is time for humanity, to find the greatness within our selves and recognise it exists in each other, in all existence, yet it must be chosen by each one of us. As we awaken ourselves may we through self mastery begin to rise and stand up calling forth those who are also awakening into self mastery, to put down the things which separate us, put our differences aside in respect for the Oneness which unites us all as humanity, as Creations here on this Earth planet. In this way may we make the choice now to find solutions and truly Be the change that is needed in our world.
As we heal our selves ~ we heal our planet. In this way, we can heal this world. ''
Shelley Ruth Wyndham. 

Our evolutionary journey of awakening is a step each time. With each step we come home to the self. As we walk may we do so always, with love and kindness.


''Be the change by bringing it. Bring the change be being it!''

 ‘Step up and into our FULL POTENTIAL Self.'

DATE: Wednesday 31st January 2018 

TIMES: 7.00 pm to commence by 7.15 pm to 10.00 pm
VENUE: Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.

Directed by Shelley Ruth Wyndham and co-facilitated by Sean Caulfield

email:  shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za

R 250.00 per person per each month


The Full Moon process is structured upon a mini workshop approach each month. Ceremony is an integral part of these evenings, as it is Ceremony that is the container which holds the sacredness for the entire process, in acknowledgment of the Creator Source Light and the invisible realms of light for the best and highest good only, each month.

These evenings offer a profoundly facilitated process creating a safe, sacred place in which you can easily step into connecting with deeper insights, awakening, healing within yourself. The evenings are held inside a Native American styled tipi in a private garden, around a warm ground Fire. The Full Moon process is structured upon a mini workshop approach in which I provide three specific aspects for each gathering each month:-

~an astrological sharing offering some clarity regarding the specific planetary - cosmic influences through which we all, across the planet, are traversing each month. This is provided to help each of us to have some understanding regarding the monthly energies we are currently encountering. Additionally suggestions are offered in the form of various options, as ways we can choose to step into being calm and centered and how we can learn to support the self as we remember to step away from distractions and to step deeper and deeper into self awareness. These evenings offer a structure which creates a self awareness template between each of these Full Moon gatherings, where we learn to observe and chart our self awareness in our daily lives and begin to witness how we are choosing to respond to all life, to others and with our self.

~a joyful participatory process then follows, which offers a gentle and beautiful freeing experience of expansiveness to be internalized. This part of the evening is authentically created in alignment with whatever energies each month gifts us, to allow each participant in their own authentic, private manner to safely, appropriately and respectfully engage, transmute, release any stuck energies within them self.

~a beautiful, rich, sacred shamanic journey is then provided. This part of the evening invites each participant to choose to lie down in comfort and give them self permission to enjoy this deeply awakening, healing, insightful inner process. The profound process invites you to effortlessly witness the messages your psyche reveals to you from this inner journey process. The journey is held with natural musical instrument sounds, soft singing and chanting, spaces of silence, blended and held by a spontaneous, Spirit guided uniquely channeled universal visionary journey. The completion of the evening is where I guide each participant with permission and respect to send their unconditional love and light into all aspects of Creation, for the benefit of our Mother Earth and all life here.


These evenings are open to anyone interested in becoming the best version of them self. I invite individuals who want to co-create with me, a growing sacred space in which each one of us steps into full responsibility for our self, commits to our deeper healing, balancing and awakening work, as we step into collective service work and thus help shift planetary consciousness, into peace, health, prosperity, joy, freedom by working on our self. Unity consciousness can begin nowhere else.


‘’Peace begins within each one of us. ‘’


email :  shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to book your space and for venue details.

''Be the change by bringing it. Bring the change be being it!''

2 January 2018 ~ we are not providing a gathering on this date
31 January 2018
 2  March 2018
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Join Spirit World Medicine monthly events. As we awaken and heal the separations within and between ourselves, as we grow and develop our abilities, as we unify ourselves whilst being true to the uniqueness within each one of us, as a people, may we come to discover our mutual humanity and the power of collaboration, our personal connection with the Divine Creator Source energy within us all and everywhere and our role as guardians of our Mother Earth, home to all life here.

May we remember as the Spiritual beings we are, the deeper reality of why we came here and what we came here to do.

Spirit World Medicine provides a variety of various authentically created beautiful, inspiring and uplifting Spiritual events. Each event offers a sacred, awakening, healing opportunity for individuals to embrace not only their personal healing process but to awaken themselves to the bigger picture ~ how our individual healing can change our personal reality and this world. Each participant is honored and respected for participating in their chosen healing process; they are at all times, treated with respect and kindness; and each person attending is required to likewise respect the process for all other participants. In this way, as human beings, we create together, a sacred space in which each person feels safe and comfortable to allow the healing and awakenings within the hearts and minds of all attending, to be born into reality.