Join Spirit World Medicine's monthly Spiritual events, re-awakening our Oneness, healing our Self and learning to stand up and unite our efforts as the awakening new humanity, embracing the positive timeline with our planet Earth, for all sovereign Souls.


''We are connected on an energetic level to everything. All life is energy, everything is alive with its own level of consciousness. Awakening ourselves to the frequencies we are constantly emitting and are receiving all the time, ushers into our emerging awareness deeper truths about how we live here in this world. Choosing to become the best version of our self brings into being the potency of our choices which can transform fear into love, isolation into connection, doubt into trusting, confusion into clarity, imbalance into wholeness, chaos into peace. We are all powerful beings and we are being called to step into this awareness and make wiser choices, because what we do really matters. It is time for humanity, to come together, and to Be the change that is needed in our world. As we heal our selves ~ we heal our planet. ''
Shelley Ruth Wyndham.  

All our work is in alignment with the highest good for all concerned. In honour of our Creator Source, our sacred Mother Earth and all life here, including our own.
The time is NOW to stand up, to unify,


As a Spiritual healer – teacher, whilst I have clinical training, for the past seventeen consecutive years I have provided as a practitioner, tried and tested powerful modalities and techniques which have been shared with me from various Spiritual fields during my 25 years Metaphysical training, which is still on-going for me. I provide teachings and ways to help transform peoples lives, who seek my guidance, which focus on teaching ways to transmute from within the self, to help shift their realities in profound, meaningful ways as they learn how to incorporate Spiritual teachings and they learn to live them on a daily basis.

Everything is energy and we too are energy. Learning to become self aware, become aware of your thoughts, which trigger your emotions and impact upon your behavior, learning to heal your separations and imbalances within your self and learning to witness and change how you affect your reality and environment is the work I offer people. If you want your life to be better, or different, then you need to work on yourself. 

In my work I am teaching how to engage with whole brain states, as opposed to being exclusively focused on our logic and analytical processes, where we learn to respect and grow our abilities to work with our intuition and creativity, feelings and emotions, the invisible, full potentiality, the Spiritual essence, consciousness, the energy of our selves. I have taught and continue to do so, that it is the incorporation of left and right brain functioning, of science and Spiritual teachings, of mind and heart, of seen and unseen, the incorporation of both fields with healthy respect, which we can learn about and that we can learn to master within our selves which will take us forward in our overall human awakening evolutionary growth.

''The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant, we have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.''
Albert Einstein.

As human beings, we can learn to live in a balanced state of Divine flow as Creator Source beings our selves, where we can learn how to completely clear our minds from mental programming and unconscious negative beliefs which run us all and we can return ourselves, moment by moment, to love. We can and need to now remember and embrace the gift of challenges which we as individuals and as humanity on our planet Earth face right now, and step our selves into self mastery to set our self free. 


DATES: See below the Full Moon dates for 2017 
TIMES: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm
VENUE: Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.
Facilitated by Shelley Ruth Wyndham
INVESTMENT: R 250.00 per person per each month.
We offer a safe and sacred process to help facilitate experiences which can provide deep inner healing, through ritual and sacred Ceremonies dedicated for the best and highest good, held in the privacy of an authentic Native American styled tipi in the beauty of a personal garden space. Our Full Moon gatherings are dedicated to a Soul Support process each month as a year process during 2017, where the months stand alone, yet link together as a whole unfolding process throughout the year. The work at all times honors the Divine essence within each individual person in combination with honoring the guidance received from the Divine Source, which is calling the collective, across our planet, in these shifting times, to rise and unify ourselves. The month processes engage in uplifting, supportive, nurturing work of Self Discovery and Self Awakening transformation work, as we learn to step up and into leadership roles, leading our selves forward in our emerging truth in our world, on this planet. For unity consciousness to be sustainable, it needs to begin within each one of us, at the deepest level of Self. Having transitioned through 2016 during which our Full Moon gatherings were dedicated last year, to the re - claiming of our sovereign soul, 2017 now provides the greatest opportunity of growth for each one of us, where we can embrace and be our true potential Self in our reality. These evenings are open to anyone interested in becoming the best version of them Self. As we co - create a sacred space in which each one of us stepping into full responsibility for our Self can commit to this deeper healing and awakening work required, in so doing we step into collective service work and thus help shift planetary consciousness, based upon frequency resonance work within the Self. Unity consciousness can begin no where else.

‘’Peace begins within me; peace begins within you. ‘’

Join us each month as we embrace the changes which are birthed from awakening in these awakening times with grace, and step up and into BE-ing the change for the better within our selves.

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Join Spirit World Medicine monthly events. As we awaken and heal the separations within and between ourselves, as we grow and develop our abilities, as we unify ourselves whilst being true to the uniqueness within each one of us, as a people, may we come to discover our mutual humanity and the power of collaboration, our personal connection with the Divine Creator Source energy and our role as guardians of our Mother Earth, home to all life here.

May we remember as the Spiritual beings we are, the deeper reality of why we came here and what we came here to do.

Spirit World Medicine provides a variety of various authentically created beautiful, inspiring and uplifting Spiritual events. Each event offers a sacred, awakening, healing opportunity for individuals to embrace not only their personal healing process but to awaken themselves to the bigger picture ~ how our individual healing can change this world. Each participant is honoured and respected for participating in their chosen healing process; they are at all times, treated with respect and kindness; and each person attending is required to likewise respect the process for all other participants. In this way, as human beings, we create together, a sacred space in which each person feels safe and comfortable to allow the healings and awakenings within the hearts and minds of all attending, to be born into reality.