Welcome to November / December 2012 Spirit Voice Newsletter message!

''We did not come here to destroy this world or ourselves;we came here to awaken!'' Shelley Ruth Wyndham

Rise everyone! The time is now to stand up and unite in joy and Love. Awaken, to all those who have been asleep, awaken. Each and everyone of us, it is time to wake up to the Love and Light of our origins! From the Galactic Centre the prophesied portal doorway begins to open and the planets perfectly align and position themselves in synchronized harmony, in preparation for the surge of new energies which are to flood exquisitely into our Solar system and into all life forms. The great day now comes. As the dawning Light re-calibrates all Life here, we all begin to shine brighter from within our selves as clarity is birthed from deep within and everywhere, heralding the beginning of a new era; the Change of the Suns. Our existence of course, continues here upon our sacred Mother Earth, yet in a profoundly different, in a far more beautiful, uplifted way of heightened consciousness as we awaken to our role as the true guardians and caretakers of this world, our precious, beloved planet Earth.

This transformation, this shift in consciousness is a journey we are all sharing, on the path of awakening and it comes through the unification of humanity's heart and mind. These potent times bring the healing of our past and the recovery of all People of the Earth.It is time for us to step away from wars and conflict. Move away from hatred and fear. Let go of judgements and jealousies. Forget about competition and domination. We enter now a time of unity and it is the time of Love and Peace. It is a time where we as the People of the Earth come together and learn how to work in a unified manner. It is our time to Dance our Dream awake as we are birthed into the returning ways of Love, each one of us unique strands all different yet all connected as we continue to weave our lives into the Universal fabric of eternal, unfolding life, with the veils now lifted! One People, One Planet, One Love.

And it is so!
From my heart to yours
Shelley Ruth Wyndham
Cape Town
South Africa


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