The Give Away is a Native American term in recognition of the sacrifices of self and others. The Give Away ceremony in tribal culture, is where a member gives away treasured things, like items, efforts, time, in order to help the People. It is considered selfish for a person to have more than his or her fair share. It is believed that no one wins unless the whole of the People's needs are met. Within the community the person who gives away treasured things is honoured and is one of the most respected. In the true meaning giving is done without regret and always with a joyful heart.

In the light of this most revered ceremony, I received from a recent friend, a Shaman from the USA called Yogi, a gift which for me has become a treasure to behold. Yogi has asked me to offer from my site, this Book of Prayers and Medicine Wheel Teachings, complied by himself and a group of highly inspirational People. This book took some ten years to compile.

With deep love and respect and in honour of Yogi and his People, I offer you his noble Give Away.

Our Earth Walk - Prayers for Healing You are invited to download and enjoy a beautiful book - Prayers for Healing from Our Earth Walk. This e-book is free and we are encouraged to share it. "A compilation of prayers that teach the paths of The Good Red Road and our Medicine Wheel. This book is a tool for edifying the spirit and bringing wholeness to the spiritual self so that the physical self may travel through the illusion of life more easily. Studying this book will bring the path of Shaman into view and mastery of the principles will give you the ability to pass the spiritual tests that come your way, if you choose that path. These principles bring strength to any spiritual journey and are the stepping stones to a rewarding Spirit Walk." Earth Walk