Just as the Waters of our Oceans have memories of the creatures that live within the Oceans, and glaciers contain millions of years of the Earth's history, Water circulates around the planet and within our bodies. To understand Water is to understand the mysteries of the entire Universe, the wonders of Nature and the miracles of life itself.

All existence is vibration and each thing generates its own frequency. Everything is eternally moving, vibrating, and human beings are also vibrating each at our own unique frequency. We see objects with our eyes but we dont always see its vibration.... and yet, we have the sensory skills to feel those vibrations.... just as many ripples form as one pebble falls into a still lake, we are all constantly sending out vibrations with our thoughts and feelings, with the actions we make . These are vibrations of frequencies, of our consciousness, although most people are unaware of the vibrations they are choosing to send out into the world, yet like ripples we form these vibrations with our choices constantly, which move from ourselves, outwards into the fields of energy everywhere around us, touching and influencing everything within their paths. So too, do we receive vibrations from all others around us, at all times. Water mirrors our vibrations; Water mirrors all the vibrations created in the world. Water mirrors humanity's consciousness, reflecting what is in people's Hearts and Souls.

It is essential that we as human beings, change our thinking, so we can live in harmony with Nature, and stop the destruction of our ourselves. Each one of us has been granted the power of creation by our Creator, and if we begin to use this innate power wisely, we can change our world. Everything in the world is linked. The astounding scientific studies from Dr.Masaru Emoto, and other scientists today, concerning the messages and special properties of Water, reveal what the mystics and Spiritual teachers, the Shamans of old and to this day have continued to speak about, and that is 'Everything is linked together by love and gratitude'.

In these Water ceremonies, I am guided to work with bodies of Water on the planet. At times, I am joined with fellow students of life, who feel the call from Water and choose to become involved in this Sacred work. We come together as a group of people, with an important mission: and that is to help Water to become clean again, and thus to create a world and our own bodies, to be flowing with good, healthy, beautiful energy again.

On a monthly basis I provide at our New Moon group meditations, Water Healing ceremonies. And at specific times throughout the year, I join with specific dedicated groups in honour of global Water ceremonies and events..

Link to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere with whom we are aligned, who are walking to heal the Waters of our world - www.motherearthwaterwalk.com and www.waterblessings.org/index.html with whom we jointly unite, to provide global Water Ceremonies. With reference to the www.waterblessings.org/index.html website, see my brief bio, under the letter 's' on their page. We unite with many across the planet when we do Water Ceremonies for our Earth. And all who participate each time, can feel the power of ONE.

Please email shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za if you would like to become involved with this Sacred work.