Intentional and Direct ACTION Healing and Protection work for Animals of our world.

All life is sacred. This is one of many central principles to Native American spiritual teachings. For human beings who search for unity with all our relations, the Animal Kingdom is rich with lessons and wisdom available for those astute to notice....lessons which are available to the human people who seek healing and deeper understanding within themselves, their lives and our world in which we live. As more people come to connect with this beautiful, powerful all encompassing way of life which the Good Red Road teaches, many who have not understood their connection to our Mother Earth and her creatures, who come to take part in the healing ceremonies I am guided to provide for the Animals, come to discover within themselves, 'that which we give to another, is what we give to ourselves'. It is the give away which helps humanity to heal. Each time we offer our love to our Animal relatives - to all things - we are moved, our Spirit is lifted, through the act of selflessness, knowing we have on some level, made a difference in this world for another. In honour of the crawlies, the finned-ones, the four-leggeds and the wingeds, I invite all who hear the call, to join in the work of joy-filled honour to spread healing energy to the creatures of our world, who were placed here by our Creator to help humanity to feel the wonder of unconditional love above all else.

Animals are here as our friends and helpers. The Animal Kingdom speaks to us all, all the time. The human people, in our modern world today, still largely continue to regard themselves as superior and believe themselves to be intelligent yet how we continue to regard, live and treat the life that lives and breathes all around us, displays not only our lack of understanding but at times verges on sheer stupidity. All life and this relates to all life forms, including our own, is fragile. We are all linked through the intricate web of life, everything is connected - there is no separation. Thus everything we do affects everything around us. We are not the Creator, we are all co-creators and we need to wake up and remember why we came here and what we are here to do, especially in these times, now.

Join in this work if you hear the call to do something to assist in helping to heal and protect the creatures, our animal friends, with whom we are privileged to share this world. All animals, domestic, stray, agriculture, wildlife, science experimental animals - ALL animals and are in need of safety, of protection, of care, of respect, of compassion. How we as humanity treat animals on our Earth indicates what WE have become. It is time to change how we regard and treat animals on our planet. It is time we heal our selves as humanity. The work done is inspirational as we intend to build an awareness and an energy field of care and compassion to benefit the animals of our world.

Many of us have become advocates and activists bringing real action for real change for our animals. If you feel this calls you to action, you are welcome to become connected as part of an activist team which I manage as a Facebook page, please click the link

As a team of global people, we are interested to help shed light onto the violations which are occurring and we become a support structure which helps to bring the change that is needed to protect animals and to help hold those individuals accountable, through legal measures which are now being established, for their acts of inhumanity. The work in these fields includes efforts against the barbaric trophy killings, cruelty of animal experimentation and inhumane agricultural practice, to overall animal abuse. This is a page primarily dedicated to Wolves yet includes all animals aswell as issues which concern our planet's environment.