Become involved in the greatest event on our planet....


With unconditional love, I offer my efforts to help make this world a better place, with all that I do - not out of fear, but for the joy of being here in these times.

May humanity awaken to the priviledge of our Earth Walk. May we stop our ways of destruction and collectively and individually begin to respect, conserve and nurture all life, not just our own. We have the power to choose how we live and our chosen actions will demonstrate to others that they too can change for the better.

As inspired by Gandhi's words - ''BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK IN THE WORLD.'' Action is now needed by us all, for us all.

Deforestation of our world forests is increasing the levels of green house gases in the atmosphere and reducing the Earth's ability to cope. Humans are disrupting systems which have taken millions of years to build. As temperatures rise, glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking, which will result in sea level rise which could threaten coastal cities and is already affecting the existence of many creatures fighting for survival. In the oceans, the rising carbon dioxide levels are beginning to acidify sea water, which is expected to damage coral reefs and thus the complex food chains they support.

Human civilization is having a profound affect on the planet. Yet, the Earth will rebalance herself. What we humans need to understand, in these times of great change right now, is that how we live is ultimately creating the end of life as we know it, for ourselves. We, as humanity, have created the environmental devastation here, and we are the ones who need to change how we live. We need find and implement effective, real solutions to ensure our survival and do everything we can to turn this around for the better, and nothing less of an intention or focus, will help us. We must do everything we can for the greater good, because there are solutions waiting to be discovered and we need to ensure they are given the appropriate global attention necessary to begin to yield the turn around now essential across our planet.

I have been guided to provide healing ceremonies for specific categories which are important to me, Our Animal Worlds, Our Waters of Life, Our Green and Growing Things, and Our Earth Healing Ceremonies.

Many people come to join in this work from all over the world and many times as a group of dedicated individuals, we align at specific times, with global ceremonies, upholding a common vision.

To help ensure sustainability of these ceremonies, the exchange is usually structured on a donation basis, depending.

Should you wish to join in any way, please contact shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za

"We are the ones we have been waiting for!''