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FULL MOON SCHEDULE 2018 ~ Bring the change, by being the change for the better!

 ‘Step up and into our FULL POTENTIAL Self.'

TIMES: 7.00 pm to commence by 7.15 pm to 10.00 pm
VENUE: Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.

By Shelley Ruth Wyndham email:  shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za

R 250.00 per person per each month


The Full Moon process is structured upon a mini workshop approach each month. Ceremony is an integral part of these evenings, as it is Ceremony that is the container which holds the sacredness for the entire process, in acknowledgment of the Creator Source Light and the invisible realms of light for the best and highest good only, each month.

These evenings offer a profoundly facilitated process creating a safe, sacred place in which you can easily step into connecting with deeper insights, awakening, healing within yourself. The evenings are held inside a Native American styled tipi in a private garden, around a warm ground Fire. The Full Moon process is structured upon a mini workshop approach in which I provide three specific aspects for each gathering each month:-

~an astrological sharing offering some clarity regarding the specific planetary - cosmic influences through which we all, across the planet, are traversing each month. This is provided to help each of us to have some understanding regarding the monthly energies we are currently encountering. Additionally suggestions are offered in the form of various options, as ways we can choose to step into being calm and centered and how we can learn to support the self as we remember to step away from distractions and to step deeper and deeper into self awareness. These evenings offer a structure which creates a self awareness template between each of these Full Moon gatherings, where we learn to observe and chart our self awareness in our daily lives and begin to witness how we are choosing to respond to all life, to others and with our self.

~a joyful participatory process then follows, which offers a gentle and beautiful freeing experience of expansiveness to be internalized. This part of the evening is authentically created in alignment with whatever energies each month gifts us, to allow each participant in their own authentic, private manner to safely, appropriately and respectfully engage, transmute, release any stuck energies within them self.

~a beautiful, rich, sacred shamanic journey is then provided. This part of the evening invites each participant to choose to lie down in comfort and give them self permission to enjoy this deeply awakening, healing, insightful inner process. The profound process invites you to effortlessly witness the messages your psyche reveals to you from this inner journey process. The journey is held with natural musical instrument sounds, soft singing and chanting, spaces of silence, blended and held by a spontaneous, Spirit guided uniquely channeled universal visionary journey. The completion of the evening is where I guide each participant with permission and respect to send their unconditional love and light into all aspects of Creation, for the benefit of our Mother Earth and all life here.


These evenings are open to anyone interested in becoming the best version of them self. I invite individuals who want to co-create with me, a growing sacred space in which each one of us steps into full responsibility for our self, commits to our deeper healing, balancing and awakening work, as we step into collective service work and thus help shift planetary consciousness, into peace, health, prosperity, joy, freedom by working on our self. Unity consciousness can begin nowhere else.


‘’Peace begins within each one of us. ‘’


email :  shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za to book your space and for venue details.

Bring the change, by being the change for the better! 

2 January 2018 ~ we are not providing a gathering on this date
31 January 2018
 2  March 2018
31 March 2018
30 April 2018
29 May 2018
28 June 2018
27 July 2018
26 August 2018
25 September 2018
24 October 2018
23 November 2018
22 December 2018



Business Premises
Residential Premises
Land Premises

Space clearing involves a cleansing and releasing of negative energies which a client may be experiencing in their home space and or at their work premises. The circumstances around the clearing are unique in accordance with the specific venues and clients themselves. However the common trend which is very evident with each client is the evidence of persistent, repetitive negative experiences associated with the space/place concerned. Such negative evidence has been such things as poor, worsening health conditions, increasingly disruptive relationships, so called bad luck, theft, loss, failure, etc. In such circumstances it may be necessary for an on-site evaluation to ascertain what may be required before a clearing date is set and such a service conducted. Included in the space/place cleansing and releasing is a blessing for overall harmony, well being and general success and protection for the persons who reside / trade there.

Investment and Service : Client specific

For more details please email


I offer to corporate companies and to individual groups, inspirational talks and specific workshops, which as a practitioner, as a shamanic healer - teacher, the themes I cover are usually based around the work I do - healing ourselves to wholeness and I share teachings about harnessing the full potential of Self.

Investment: Client specific

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I am hired to perform at times, specific Sacred Ceremonies for certain life celebrations:

Wedding Officiate for Marriage Ceremonies

Birth Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Funeral Ceremonies

In addition specific private ceremonies can be arranged

Investment: Client Specific

For more details please email shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za




Gentle celebrations are held in Sacred Sites around Cape Town to celebrate the Equinox and Solstice times during our year. The purpose of these celebrations is to utilize the powerful energies of sound, rhythm and dance to heal our separations and to bring healing to our Earth Mother.

The health of the Earth affects all life here. As a species of life ourselves, we have forgotten our relationship with our Earth. She is our Mother. We need to take care of her so that she can continue to provide for us all. In these Sacred ceremonies we reconnect to this truth, opening our hearts to connect with her heart beat.

These powerful healing ceremonies are conducted to help us reconnect and harness, with respect, the Universal rhythms of which we are all a part and which influence everything. We focus on balancing our Feminine and Masculine energies within ourselves, which exist in perfect harmony in all things in their natural state.

These ceremonies are held in sacredness for the wholeness, the healing, the unity, for the greater good of humankind and all life, including the necessary healing of our home here, our Mother Earth.

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The building of a Medicine Wheel is a sacred ceremony and the service I provide is with permission. It is conducted on behalf of a client who intends to respectfully work with a Medicine Wheel of their own, for their own sacred healing ceremonies and personal healing processes.

Investment: Client specific

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Join a group of people interested in viewing and informally discussing, specific DVD's which present various interesting informative and entertaining global consciouness awakening material, related to The Shift in consciousness. The DVDs offer view points and information from various global players - illuminating, uplifting and vital for all to hear in these shifting times. We highly recommend you join. Time is NOW to awaken!

All material, including personal view points in discussions, is offered on the basis of sharing knowledge and information. The DVD's provide substantial information which is now coming forward from highly credible global sources. The presentations are inspirational and informative. All personal opinions are respected. At times expert speakers are invited to share their findings. Each meeting is held in a sacred manner.

DVD evenings are held monthly throughout the year.

Investment: R150 per person.

email shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za for venue location , dates and times.