Meditation Training Course

A beautiful meditation training course comprising of a total of ten individual sessions. The training process is based on one and half hours each session. The process teaches and nurtures the ability to meditate, easily and effortlessly and provides an experiential process where you learn to enjoy a wonderful opportunity in which you apply, what you have learned in this course as you step into the beauty of your own meditation experience! Appropriate for beginners, yet advanced enough for experienced meditators. Learn to manage yourself with age-old techniques, so relevant in our modern days these days where we can tap into the inner world of our selves and connect with our innate Divinity and experience the benefit of learning to center and calm our selves each day, as we live in this busy world!

A comprehensive course which gently reminds the person about the principles of creating sacred space and committing the self to making time for inner work. The general guidance is to commit one self to meditate a minimum of 20 minutes each day. And for those who are extremely busy, it is advised to meditate for twice that time each day!

This course may be based on a one-on-one process or with small groups of a minimum of 5 attending participants.

Please contact Shelley to enquire when she can offer this course.

For more information and to book your space please email