Awakening Wholeness Series

A two day intensive workshop dedicated to clearing, healing and integrating the four major aspects of yourself.

Powerful life-changing processes incorporating ancient, Universal wisdom for deep healing and Spiritual awakening. An intense journey allowing for rapid and profound transformation.

The following serves as a foundation for the workshop:

  • Original, authentic Guided Meditations from the Awakening Wholeness Series CD range
  • The guided meditations offer a unique type of inner journey process work
  • Private journal work guides individuals to acknowledge insights to birth deeper understanding¬†
  • Sacred rituals and ceremonies provided, powerfully¬†facilitate the healing transformations

The workshop is a private and sacred space created for you to process and clear blockages within various levels of your being and each individual's personal and private process is honoured.
No prior experience is required.

This can be offered as a private one on one process or as a group workshop. A minimum of 4 participants is required for the group workshop. Please contact Shelley to enquire when she can offer this workshop.

For more information and to book your space please email