Workshops and Courses Overview

Spirit World Medicine offers a variety of authentically created and personally facilitated beautiful and effective Self - discovery, healing and awakening workshops and courses.

Each participant is honoured and respected for participating in their chosen healing process; they are at all times, treated with respect; and each person attending is required to likewise respect the process for other particants. In this way, as human beings, we create together, a sacred space in which each person feels safe and comfortable to allow the healing awakenings within the hearts and minds of all attending. Once we personally know a truth about our selves and about our life, we can no longer pretend we do not. Awakening ourselves to our integrity and to what we know is good and right for the self and for others, is the beginning journey to then walking that every day with gratitude for the freedom and the peace that comes with enlightenment having journeyed to heal our separations. Where there is imbalance there is need for healing. When we embrace our healing journey, we allow ourselves to become whole, balanced, powerful and wise.'

These workshops and courses are based on group work yet some of these workshops and courses can be held as one on one processes for an individual, depending. Please contact Shelley to enquire about dates,times and venues and for all bookings email.