The Archetypal Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary
Medicine Wheel Wisdom

Twenty four Month Red Road Archetype Teachings - Level One Course.

We are living in times, regarded as, the times of critical choice, and it is the work of all human beings today, to attend to the health of both our "inner" world, that of the limitlessness of our inner self and of our "outer" world, the home in which we live our daily lives.

Many people in our modern society today feel little or no connection between these two worlds. Yet the indigenous societies like the Native American People, since the beginning of time have known the inextricable links of these two worlds. Their universal ancient wisdom can help humanity today to restore balance within our own inner nature and help re-balance our natural environment. Regardless of our culture or creed or where we live today, we are all Children of the Earth. And change our ways we must, to ensure we have a sustainable future for ourselves and for the future generations.

In most shamanic traditions there is an ancient deep understanding of the human condition which works upon the harnessing of the power of four specific archetypes: the Warrior, the Teacher, the Healer and the Visionary. These four archetypes are universal and available to everyone because they all exist inside of each one of us. When we learn how to awaken these ancient parts of ourselves, naturally, we can start to learn how to harness deep levels of healing which guide us towards our wholeness, today. That is a wholeness within our self and within our world.

In most shamanic traditions it is crucial to be balanced in all four archetypes, leading, teaching, healing and visioning. In our modern world today, this is certainly not the case, as we find we are more often than not, developed in one area and under developed in the others.

In this course we explore ways to open to the full power of each archetype. When we understand each of these archetypes we can better empower ourselves and enable ourselves to come to deeper understandings about how others are choosing to express themselves.

People in our modern world today are recognizing that it is to the Indigenous Peoples of our Earth, that we all need to turn for guidance on how to take care of Mother Earth and how to heal our ways. As we move through the 21st century it is a time now of welcoming back the ancient wisdom into modern times. It is important to start to work more wisely now more than ever before with the considerations of the possible impacts our actions may have in the future.

This course is divided over twenty four months, whereby we spend six months on each archetype. With each part we consider theories, practices and main themes pertaining to each of the four. We spend time on how you may be expressing the negative aspects of the archetype, the so called shadow side and we provide practical tools recommended for overall empowerment. A series of questions helps you to chart your personal development as deeper understandings emerge about yourself as the development and expression of each archetype within you starts to grow. In the course the link is shared with each archetype and its connection with Nature. A particular posture and meditation specifically employed to enhance the development of each of the archetypes within the self is studied and practiced.


The investment for this twenty four month course is R 55 200.00 per person; if the fee is paid in full, upfront, we provide a 5% discount on the total fee paid, you pay upfront R 52 440. 

Or a monthly paying option is also available. With regards to the monthly payment option, consecutive payments of R 2300.00 per month are to be structured on a debit order basis and payments or R 2300 are made at the beginning of every month for the full twenty four months of this course to completion of this twenty four month course.

The fee paid upfront or on a monthly basis, covers monthly teaching sessions structured on a weekly basis. If more time is required for the student to complete this course, the course structure will continue based on the monthly fee of R 2300.00 per month due by the first of each month,until the course is completed. If for whatever reason, the student does not complete the course, if the fee has been paid in full, upfront, there will be no refund. If the fee is paid monthly, the continuation of the teachings and of the fee charges will stop. A decision of termination needs to be communicated before the first of any month.If the decision is made either way, from student or from myself to terminate teachings for that specific student for this course, if the monthly payment has occurred and the decision is communicated only after the first of any month, the teachings will stop immediately and the fee of R 2300.00 for that specific month will not be refunded.

Reiterated : Please be aware - regarding all and any upfront payments of all and any processes I provide - NO MONEY IS RETURNED under any circumstances whatsoever if you decide to stop doing the process before the agreed completion of your process.

''If I see you, I will laugh out loud, or fall silent, or explode into a thousand pieces.
And if I don't, I will be caught in the cement and stone of my own prison.'' Rumi

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