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 Welcome to Spirit World Medicine. 

''Transcend your beliefs ~ Transform your life!

Awaken your self ~ Awaken the world!''

Discover your authentic self. Awaken to your Spiritual Light. Find your deeper purpose in life and begin to live your truth for yourself. Re-awaken your sense of adventure, play and joy. Become energized with the abundance of possibilities. Lead your own inspirational life. Re-claim personal and professional empowerment in a healthy, balanced, holistic manner. Learn how to effortlessly tap into your innate genius power to create and live your desired destiny. Discover how to change and heal your ways for the better. Live the life you have longed for. Be the best 'you' possible for yourself and for your life. Fulfill your dreams by living them! 

It begins by becoming Aware

I am a Personal Transformation Coach. 

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Geography which initiated my life long dedication to help humanity, our Earth and the Natural World. I have a post graduate American based international qualification in Natural Medicine, (DNM), grounded in Quantum Physics, in which I specialize in Energy Medicine, which additionally included studies in herbs / vitamin / mineral / tissue salts / nutritional healing and other natural alternative remedies, products and options dedicated to help achieve and sustain improved levels of health and well being. I am qualified and certified as a facilitator of PSYCH-K, Ho'oponopono and of Crystal Surgery. I have facilitated guided meditation work for over twenty years and shamanic journey process work, for well over seventeen years. I have over twenty five years of study and experience in Spiritual and Metaphysical disciplines. 

I opened my Metaphysical and Holistic private practice in March 2000, providing skilled professional support, methods and ways to awaken, empower and facilitate personal healing, transformation and authentic growth. I continue to uphold, teach and incorporate into my healing and awakening modalities effective methods with clients seeking my assistance, which offer well researched and validated techniques structured upon the role and importance of mind - body principles. Identifying subconscious destructive belief patterns with individuals and with groups of people, I provide powerful, effective methods and processes which help delete and transform negative subconscious programs which adversely affect peoples lives. I offer solution - based Spiritual and intuitive practices combined with practical science-backed methods which people can learn to apply, incorporate and integrate into their lives which help support, empower and nurture their life and health transitions for the better. My work is dedicated to inform and empower people to learn how to transform their ways which hinder and limit, into ways which unleash their potential as they learn how to embrace ways which better serve them. My approach models support and encouragement to dare to dream again! The results of my work are based upon learning that it is possible ~ and how ~ to bring those dreams into your reality by becoming the best version of yourself! I am a full time practicing Coach, Intuitive Counsellor, PSYCH-K facilitator, Ho'oponopono facilitator, Crystal Surgery Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shamanic / Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Meditation Trainer and facilitator,  and I offer Natural Medicine guidelines. My work offers powerful and effective Life Awakening, Healing & Transforming methods, techniques and skills to help people in their life process.  ''You can learn how to transform ways which hinder and limit, into ways that serve and support you, where you learn how to thrive!''

I provide face to face and on line private, couple and group work sessions including public and corporate workshops; I offer a variety of tailored services to empower, inspire and facilitate client's personal healing, life transformation, to yield authentic and sustainable growth. My work is dedicated only for the best and highest good in service of the Divine Creator Source of All, for all faiths and cultures, to help raise humanity's consciousness and to help heal and protect our Earth and the Natural World. I offer local and global gatherings and Ceremonies;  as a wedding officiate I offer my services for private weddings. I also provide world wide group meditation gatherings, Earth healing private and group Ceremonies ~ dedicated for personal healing, the raising of unity consciousness, environmental and planetary healing. I am a Wolf, wildlife, and environmental advocate and Visionary, an Inspirational Writer and speaker. 

You CAN begin to heal your self and heal your life!

Contact me : shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za



All Life Is Sacred. Everything our Creator created is alive and with purpose. All things are connected.

Each life-form throughout all levels of existence, everywhere, has its
own vibration, resonance and frequency - individual and yet - ultimately
interdependent with everything else, everywhere, at all times....There
is no separation, never has been...separation became humanity's
collective belief system...not based upon Universal truth...and it is
time now for humanity to awaken to the truth.... Divinity, Oneness,
flows through us all - it is what connects us.....



Together, from our sacred heart space, each one of us can personally change this world first and foremost, by working on our selves being peace, harmony and beauty in our ways as authentic, sovereign Spiritual beings, learning what it means to be human and here in these times and awakening to our role as custodians, care takers, guardians and advocates in our own individual ways, protectors of this sacred planet we all call home.

Now is the time, to remember, to evolve into all we are here to become.

With love
Shelley Ruth Wyndham

email : shelley@spiritworldmedicine.co.za